Yakima K9 Zuza Helps Police Capture Murder Suspect From Pendleton

This pup deserves all the TREATS! Yakima County Police K9 Zuza is a HERO.

On Tuesday night members of the Pacific Northwest Violent Offenders Task Force were trying to locate an 18-year old man wanted for attempted murder.

The suspect was wanted out of the Pendleton area for numerous charges, including attempted murder and assault 1st degree.

The Task Force, officers, K9 Zuza, and Yakima County Sheriff’s Deputies located the man outside an apartment complex and urged him to surrender. Instead, the suspect took off running.

Zuza ran after the attempted murder suspect and closed a gap of about 100 feet in record time. She was able to bring him to the ground and deputies quickly took him into custody.

After investigation, officers and deputies found a fully loaded .38 special revolver and ammunition on the suspect. The man was treated for minor injuries at the scene.

Credit: Yakima County Sheriff’s Office Facebook

As the Yakima County Sheriff’s report stated, “four legs are normally faster than two.” In the case, they got their man, with the assistance of Zuza!

The attempted murder suspect also will be charged with assault 1st degree, assault 2nd degree, unlawful use of a weapon menacing, and reckless endangering.

Well done law enforcement! You gotta’ love it when a plan comes together.

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