Woman explains how she toned bum to perfection while eating 3,000 calories a day

A gorgeous fitness influencer who transformed her figure in just two years has explained how she toned her figure while eating 3,000 calories a day.

And, she pointed out some falsehoods often shared by the diet industry.

Sarah Moore, 24, from New Zealand, slimmed down and toned her butt and legs to perfection, but she warns that you can’t lose weight and gain muscle at the same time.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Sarah said: “You generally cannot build muscle and shred fat at the same time, unless you are a complete newbie to the gym.

“The real results came after my initial shred when I really committed to over a year of ‘building’ – this is when I gradually built my calories up to 3,000 and as I built more muscle I was able to eat more.

“Your metabolism also adapts over time.”

Sarah lost weight by completing a 90 Day Shred, making sure she hit 10,000 steps a day and doing HIIT classes.

Sarah lost weight and then toned up her figure
Sarah lost weight and then toned up her figure

And, she claims her biggest lifestyle change was transforming her diet and ditching the idea that it was all or nothing.

Sarah commented: “Realising that if I slip up, the best thing to do is get back on track ASAP with the next meal.

“I realised that food will always be there, and once I learnt to track my macros accurately I was able to fit ‘treats’ into my day and still hit my daily target.”

But, losing weight and toning up don’t mean you have to say goodbye to your old favourites.

Sarah loves making healthier versions of her favourite takeaways at home.

These include chicken and bacon pizza, pasta, burgers, chips, chicken wraps and so much more.

Sarah posts snaps of her yummy meals on her Instagram page @sarahann_fitjourney.

Sarah changed the shape of her whole body
Sarah changed the shape of her whole body

But, how did she get her average figure to transform into that of a model’s?

We’ve all thought it – that even if we lose weight our bum won’t be peachy or our legs will never look long.

Well, it looks like Sarah’s cracked it and she told Daily Star her top tips.

Sarah explained: “Its not possible to ‘spot reduce’ fat on your stomach and butt.

“By eating in a caloric deficit (eating less than your body burns in a day) you can lose overall body fat.

“The toned look comes from building muscle – if you build muscle on your glutes (butt) and lats (upper back) to make these areas appear wider and fuller, your waist or stomach will appear smaller.”

She continued: “To build muscle you need to eat in a caloric surplus (eat more each day than your body burns) and use a wide range or weight training exercises while gradually increasing the weights to challenge your body.”

Sarah changed the shape of her bum by working out
Sarah changed the shape of her bum by working out

So, how did Sarah do it?

The bikini body beauty said: “There are no magic exercises for a toned butt or stomach, but some of my favourite exercises to grow my glutes are variations of barbell squats (box squats, front squats and sumo squats), heavy barbell hip thrusts and split squats.

“It’s super important to warm up and activate your glutes before training to prevent injury and get this area firing.

“I train glutes three times a week using my programme from my coach.”

Sarah noted that you also can’t spot train your abs, but should aim to do “core strength” exercises to tone the area.

Would you work this hard for your perfect body? Tell us in the comments…

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