With No Exercise, And PCOS, Khyati Rupani Loses 40 Kilos

Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: Everyone has their own set of challenges when it comes to losing weight. With a sedentary lifestyle and work from home, our bodies are now more prone to lifestyle diseases than ever. Khyati Rupani, a nutritionist, lost 40 kilos despite suffering from PCOS. Her weight loss journey from 96 kg to 56 kg is inspiring to say the least. When asked about her secret to maintaining good health, she said, “Never starve yourself, never follow any diet that is restricting you, and never deprive yourself of healthy food.”Also Read – Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: I Was 104 Kg, A Visit To Daughter’s School Changed Everything

Khyati Rupani is a nutritionist who lost 40 kgs

Weight Loss And Fitness Journey: As a child, I was never skinny. I grew up being overweight. When I was 21, I was the chief dietitian at Lilavati hospital. After marriage, my periods suddenly became irregular and I started gaining weight rapidly. In a year I moved to 70kg from 56kg. That’s when I discovered I was suffering from PCOS.
PCOS led to infertility making it tough for me to conceive naturally. I did not want to get on to hormonal tablets and fertility treatments without trying to manage this condition using my Diet Therapy. Being a nutritionist, I then planned a meal chart for myself and started eating smartly and in ideal portions. Within 3 months, I was 58 kg. Also Read – Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: I Lost 35 Kgs in 18 Months by Quitting Rice And Chapati

Post-pregnancy, I again put on 38 kg and was 96kg after delivery. I stepped into action immediately, ate foods that nourished me, added foods that enhanced my breast milk, and also helped me lose weight again. I did not like exercising so all I did was walk occasionally. Also Read – Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: I Lost 10 Kgs, Got Rid of Depression by Eating Eggs And Non-Veg Food

While battling my cravings, I understood the practical issues a person goes through during weight loss. I eat outside, have erratic meal times some days, and also cheat a bit, knowing how much & how often. That is what all our clients at Balancenutrition.in follow as well.

Khyati Rupani before and after

Inspiration to Shed Those Kilos: Having lost weight twice, it was to correct PCOS and conceive naturally the 1st time. The second time was to ensure I do not become a mother who could not play with her child. I wanted Trissha to have a mother who swam with her, ran with her, and was fit. Once you get into the habit of eating smart and maintaining a healthy weight range, it is a lot of motivation on its own.

Khyati Rupani is a nutritionist who lost 40 kg

Weight Loss And Diet: I always start my day with a superfood from the kitchen. They are a part of the diets for our clients too. Depending on the goal for the next 10 days, it could be cinnamon powder, methi seeds, lime water, jeera, garlic, etc

  • Breakfast: Being a Gujju, I could never get myself to have a big breakfast, so my breakfast is a cup of adrak chai with minimal sugar and a khakhra with hummus, a Thepla with curd, or a toast with low-fat cheese and tomato.
  • Lunch: My lunch is a bowl of salad with locally available veggies. I avoid adding salt and use loads of lime and pepper to my salad. I also add a bowl of dal or a katori of pulse and a glass of buttermilk. I find it hard to have roti or rice here as I am busy working.
  • Evening Snack: I need a cup of black coffee at 4 pm and if hungry, have a handful of chana.
  • Before Dinner: An hour or so before dinner, I have a bowl of fruit
  • Dinner: My dinner is mainly a multigrain roti or Rice with a green vegetable and a bowl of dal or paneer.
  • Post Dinner: I was a muncher and hence at bedtime, you will find a Katori of makhanas, peanuts, or a Katori of plain Greek yogurt at my bedside.

Workout And Weight Loss: Apart from brisk walks & being active with Trissha, I do no workouts.

Khyati Rupani made healthy eating practical, doable

My Mantra for Weight Loss: If there was, I would have not studied for three years of my graduation and two years doing my masters in nutrition and dietetics! Most of the diets tend to get very restrictive and that is where people give up. Rather than no, I have devised a 2-bite rule for all foods one would want to have when on diet.

What worked for me: Making healthy eating practical, doable – having restaurant guide options to choose from when I was out and portion control was the only thing that helped me. Going on “NO” DIETS – No sugar, No fried No salt, No Sweet – these restrictive meals never worked for me!

For Khyati, going on “NO” DIETS – No sugar No fried No salt No Sweet – worked for her.

Some healthy Habits I follow:

  1. Half my plate is filled with vegetables during lunch and dinner.
  2. I have a lot of water throughout the day.
  3. A tsp of cold-pressed oil with green tea every morning.

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