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Entrepreneurs are by far the most common field of work among the people who pursue careers. In contrast to the majority of other professionals, they usually do not possess any formal education. Can you sum up the essence of your company in a single sentence? Taking on an entrepreneur’s role can be very similar to walking on a tightrope without a safety net in many ways. As you can see, you have a chance here to set yourself apart from everyone else at the same time, as this is a place which very few people have the opportunity to visit. If you feel that everything in your life is going wrong you may be able to rely on the person who will only be able to give you strength when everything goes wrong.

Many entrepreneurs have found greater success when utilizing the resources of experts who have already achieved a higher level of income when they seek the assistance of experienced experts.

Additionally to assisting with the implementation, a plan of action derived from following the advice of industry thought leaders can prove to be a long-term investment that will pay dividends for decades to come.

As a former pastor and a coach, Ken Joslin is uniquely qualified in bringing this diverse range of experiences to his position as an experienced real estate agent, who enjoys helping others achieve success as he strives for his own.

Taking Joslin’s point of view, he would appear to be interested in more than just the entrepreneurs becoming employees of their own business. Ken teaches students to look at the big picture and to do business in a way that will increase the value of their business both financially and with customers. Through his business coaching, he is training business leaders to build authentic relationships with their customers as well as to lead by example by motivating them to be proactive.

In this sense, his contribution to bringing positive change to the coaching industry is more significant than that of many other coaches on the market because he is passionate about what he does, which ensures that his knowledge and experience is utilized to help others.

He has established a reputation for success in his field. As a result, any student with an interest in his or her field of study can follow in his or her footsteps. His leadership ability is well-proven by the fact that he has closed over $250M in transactions during his tenure in this industry, which certainly proves the effectiveness of his leadership abilities.

Through Ken’s educational workshops, students learn how to identify the blindspots that commonly hold businesses back from becoming successful. Many business owners and entrepreneurs tend to close their eyes to many aspects of their operations because of their fear and anxiety of failure. In all instances where emotions are involved, there will frequently be limitations placed upon oneself in the form of self-imposed limitations. Founder of Grow Stack Drive, in order to help his students succeed in life and business, Ken has helped them identify their emotional issues quickly and provided them with emotional freedom that allows them to succeed in both. GSD’s main objective is also to help create managers with the skills and confidence that allow them to all succeed in their careers. Every entrepreneur who aspires to achieve exponential growth must have the confidence and wisdom to always know what ultimately leads to success.

Putting in extended hours to make ends meet is not unusual for business owners who deal with the hustle and bustle of running a business. In today’s business world, people are expected to work long hours and get little time to exercise their creativity or think of new revenue-generating ideas.

Over the course of his career, Joslin has been able to assist countless companies in developing long-term relationships with their clients in order to increase the value of their companies by an average factor of 10.

In addition, Joslin and the GSD Team have tried to connect teams together and bridge the knowledge gaps that exist between them. They have tried to coordinate the efforts of many team members to develop a common plan of attack.

GSD has won praise from many top guns in the industry, including such luminaries as Brad Lea and Grant Cardone.  Ken’s expertise has also been featured on dozens of top authority websites, leveraging his authoritative status around the globe.

So be prepared, buckle up, and pay attention to our guest at the end of the broadcast, Ken Joslin, whose ability to create leaders will help businesses and the economy for many years to come.


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