White Nationalist Nick Fuentes Followers Clash With Anti-Vaxxers In New York City

An anti-vax protest outside Pfizer’s New York City headquarters imploded on Saturday afternoon as white nationalist anti-vaxxers showed up only to be publicly shunned by local anti-vaxxers demonstrating against vaccine mandates. The war of words erupted as the local New York Freedom organization attempted to distance itself from the ultra-racist followers of white nationalist and Unite the Right attendee Nick Fuentes.

“Today organizers completely disavow infiltrators and trolls attempting to link medical freedom with extremist ideologies, namely Nick Fuentes and ‘Vax Watch,’” the local group posted to their Telegram channel. The outright rebuke apparently left a sour taste in the young white nationalist’s mouth, because he quickly tried to sic followers on the rival protesters.

“It’s unfortunate that we had to separate from this crowd over there,” Fuentes stated before joining in with fellow white nationalist “groypers” chanting “boo.” “We were supposed to rally alongside those people over there,” he continued, referring to the local anti-vaxxer crowd that had assembled nearby.

“It’s very troubling because it seems like the people over there, like a lot of people in the city, they hate us more than they hate the vaccine,” the college dropout continued. Fuentes concluded by declaring “shame on you” in the direction of the local anti-vaxxers before partaking in yelling “shame, shame, shame.”

Fuentes, apparently bruised by the local anti-vaxxers not accepting his white nationalist entourage, took to Telegram to claim that his supporters “are not ‘infiltrators’ or ‘trolls.’” He didn’t immediately return a Daily Beast request for comment on Saturday night.

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