When Mini Mathur gave ‘gyaan’ on the importance of training the mind

Fitness enthusiasts will agree that training the mind is an essential part of one’s fitness journey, as once the mind gets ready, the body automatically accepts the challenge. Looks like actor and host Mini Mathur also swears by the same mantra — one of her recent Instagram posts is proof.

Take a look.

“Train your mind. Your body will follow. This past week I’ve realised that all the ‘legit’ excuses I’ve made about my body not responding: hormones, socialising, stress, work, metabolic slowdown are just rubbish. If you truly make the effort to do wonderful things for your body… it responds beautifully,” she captioned the picture in which she can be seen doing aerial yoga.

In an earlier post, she also mentioned why challenges are essential to moving forward in one’s fitness journey.

“I’ve been working on my fitness journey for years…but sometimes you need to make choices that are uncomfortable, off routine to find your centre and break habits that hold you back. To challenge your body is a wonderful thing because when it starts working in unison with your mind and your heart.. it’s magic.,” she expressed.

Here’s how you can train your mind

According to fitness experts, it is important to set realistic goals to begin with, and then gradually increase the challenges.

Begin your fitness journey with an physical fitness activity you enjoy — dancing, swimming, yoga, or running.

Meanwhile, also keep adding variety with mini workouts that will help you push your limits.

Do not stress over what you may not be able to do. Give the body some time to accept the changes.

“The key to achieving an active lifestyle is adopting a holistic approach. Diet, exercise and mindfulness together play a crucial role in ensuring physical and mental well-being,” said Pratik Sud, co-founder of Synq.fit in an earlier article for indianexpress.com.

No matter the form — cardio, strength training, weightlifting, or yoga — every exercise is a great starting point. However, be sure to listen to your body and avoid exerting yourself.

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