What’s Next Toms River? As This Opportunity Opens Up…


Ok, so what is next for Toms River? The latest construction opportunity is available now on Lakehurst Road at Smith Road and it’s an opportunity for additional medical care?

This new opportunity in Ocean County says “Build to Suit 6000 Square Feet Medical Building” So does this mean it’s definite that this location will be “medical” or it’s an option?

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Now this area is of course in a section of Toms River with many health-related offices and of course Community Medical Center. It’s not surprising that this opportunity is “medical” related. If you know this area and what is already available health-wise, what would you want to see in this location? What medical specialty do we need along Lakehurst Road in Toms River?



The builders on this project in Toms River are R. Stone and Company who have been serving the area since 1976. One area I am not sure there is a lot of in this area of Lakehurst Road is “eyes” Are there optical offices in this area on Lakehurst Road? I see a couple but would this be over-saturation on a road that’s full of medical services?



On the other hand, what if no viable medical option comes along, what type of other business would be good for this section of Toms River? would love to hear your thoughts on what would be a good fit, other than medical offices. You can post your options below and let us know what you think….



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