What happens to our body when we do not exercise?

What happens to our body when we do not exercise?

While we can safely agree that there are some lifestyle habits (from drinking, smoking, eating excessive junk) which can be detrimental to our well-being, not actually moving a muscle throughout can be similarly bad.

As we talk and vouch for the benefits of regular exercise, it often gets missed out that engaging in little to no exercise can be just as bad, or even life-threatening. Take this for example. While regular, brisk exercise is said to delay ageing, not meeting required levels of physical activity can actually accelerate your risk of prematurely dying, and causes more deaths globally than tobacco consumption or diabetes, as per a study published in The Lancet. Now, while skipping a day or two of exercise (or a week) wouldn’t do much harm to your body, there’s actually a lot of graver risks which entail if you go without budging an inch, or moving your arms for upwards of a month. We tell you 5 such things which can happen if you do not exercise regularly or remain physically active:

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