Weight loss coach and nutritionist Scott Baptie releases new recipe book

Nutritionist and weight loss coach Scott Baptie has launched his seventh recipe book in his The High Protein Handbook series after demand for the latest instalment soared.

Scott, who has 360K followers on social media, is well-known for his easy-to-follow family-friendly digital recipe books.

The Protein Handbook Number 7 is the latest addition to his collection which also includes six other recipe books, a weight loss hardback and a 30-day high protein fat loss challenge.

The digital recipe book consists of 30 dishes which Scott, who is from Banff in Aberdeenshire and now lives in Deeside, says are suited to those who want to eat a bit healthier.

It is his first recipe book in 18 months and it was due to customers looking for more recipes that Scott committed to the seventh edition.

He said: “The High Protein Handbook is the brand name for the cookbooks. There’s been a lot of build-up and people waiting for it.

A recipe for chicken enchiladas features.

“It isn’t really for hardcore gym-goers or necessarily for people trying to lose weight, although those people can benefit from them.

“It is for those not wanting to cook one thing for them and one thing for their children. They don’t have to go to special food shops as you can buy everything in your local supermarket and hopefully the whole family will eat it.

“When we were confirming the recipes our two-year-old ate everything we served her.”

30 recipes – one a day per month, almost

Featuring 30 recipes the digital download features dishes you can cook on the hob and in the oven and features plenty of casserole and stew-like options.

Most of the recipes are for a family of four, however some are devised for two.

They also feature nutritional values including calories, carbs, protein and fat.

Scott Baptie and his new recipe book.

“There are 30 recipes in each book. It it less than what you’d get in a printed cookbook but what makes this different is that all of the nutritional information is listed. You don’t get that in most cookbooks,” added Scott.

“If someone is counting calories or tracking their macros then it is really helpful as they don’t have to work everything out. It is a massive time saver and is per serving.

“Even for people who don’t want to count calories, they can just enjoy the meals.

Orzo casserole with chicken.

“People have this misconception that you eat more protein when you try and bulk up. Yes protein can help if you are trying to build muscle, but it is also crucial to help you recover after exercise.

“It helps keep you full. For someone who has hunger pangs or slumps during the day, or is cutting back on the amount of calories they are eating and is feeling hungry, having a higher protein intake can help with this. ”

Scott’s favourite recipes

Talking on some of his must-try dishes, it is the meatballs and chicken enchiladas everyone needs to be trying, says the dad of one.

He added: “My number one is the Spanish meatballs.

“I’ve posted meatballs before but these are so flavoursome as they have bits of chorizo in them and capers and you’ve already cooked the onions before you put them in the meatballs.

“The feedback on them has been amazing.

“There’s chicken enchiladas as well. A lot of people will buy these kits and just throw it all together but this is making it from scratch and it’s much easier than people think!”

The digital recipe book is priced at £6.99 until Tuesday and then will be priced at £9.99.

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