Weekend event in Powell to raise money for Michael J. Fox Foundation

Jessica Krauser performs a warm-up exercise during a morning workout at pDNextSteps, a gym in Dublin that's specifically for those with Parkinson’s disease. Krauser was diagnosed with young-onset Parkinson's two years ago at age 37.

As Jessica Krauser stood in front of a couple dozen colleagues and presented a marketing plan, she noticed her right hand was trembling.

How odd, she thought.

She was used to speaking in front of crowds of hundreds for her job, so with this small group she surely wasn’t nervous. She shrugged it off, but it happened time and again. 

Less than a year later, while training for a half marathon in 2018, her calves uncharacteristically cramped, and her right foot ached so badly that her husband had to try to massage away the knots.

Then Krauser noticed she couldn’t spread her toes apart. Finally, while cooking in the kitchen of her family’s Powell home one afternoon, her visiting mother noticed something amiss.

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