Wahoo Systm Is A New Rival For Virtual Cycling Platform Zwift

Wahoo has launched Systm, an at-home cycling and exercise platform designed to help you keep, or get, fit.

It aims at some of the same people who might use virtual cycling game Zwift, but the approach is a little different. And that becomes clearer when you know Wahoo Systm’s provenance.

Wahoo Systm is the successor to The Sufferfest, acquired by Wahoo in 2019. The Sufferfest users have been rolled into Wahoo Systm.

Like that older version of the platform, Wahoo Systm will focus on carefully structured workouts rather than giving you a virtual world to ride across. These plans are devised by The Wahoo Sports Science Division, fronted up Wahoo’s Head of Sports Science Neal Henderson.

You will also be able to create your own training plans.

The experience won’t be a desert of sweat and suffering, though, not entirely. Wahoo Systm will offer video-based rides set along famous cycling routes, series of sessions based around the real-world training of pro athletes, and others inspired by well-known cycling films and documentaries.

Wahoo Systm isn’t a single-discipline platform either. While cycling is the main event, there are also programs for yoga, running, strength training, swimming and mental fortitude.

Wahoo makes several of the most popular bike turbo trainers, like the Kickr and Kickr Core, but you don’t need one of these to participate in Systm. Wahoo says “most smart bike trainers” are compatible.

The Wahoo Systm app is available to download now for iOS, iPadOS, Android, Mac and Windows. And pricing remains the same as it was for The Sufferfest.

After a 14-day trial you’ll pay $14.99 a month for $129 for a year’s access.

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