Virat Kohli still comes to the gym with child-like enthusiasm, says RCB fitness coach Shanker Basu

Virat Kohli is largely attributed for revolutionising the fitness culture of the Indian cricket team. Having conceded that he did not follow proper fitness plans and a very healthy lifestyle until 2012, Kohli has gone on to work hard and be likened to some of the finest and fittest athletes on the globe.

Shedding light on Virat Kohli’s workout routines and the hunger that the former India captain has to keep himself fit and chiseled, Royal Challengers Bangalore’s strength and conditioning coach Shanker Basu said it’s the consistency in daily, boring routines that are helping Kohli stand apart from the rest.

Shanker Basu, speaking to RCB, said Kohli’s enthusiasm when it comes to working out and hitting the gym has not gone down even by a percent. The renowned trainer, who had previously worked with the senior national team, explained Kohli’s workout routines as the RCb star was at the gym over the weekend.

“Basu has worked with Kohli over a long period of time and the fitness coach explained that the training regime for the star player has also been evolving with team depending on his needs.

“What excites me is he comes like a child even today. What I saw in him when he was 19 or 20, in fact the enthusiasm has not come down even that 1 percent. In fact, it has only gone up. The drive and that steely resolve he has got are so inspiring,” Basu said.

“Can’t actually do the same thing over and over again. The program has to change. Every year, we need to start tweaking. Track what’s needed and evolve accordingly.

“There’s nothing much. Keep doing the simple things, boring things consistently, that’s the mantra. Eat well, sleep well and train well and repeat.”

Meanwhile, Basu elaborated a bit on the workout regime for Kohli, saying more focus is being given to building muscle mass, which is crucial to the star batter in a busy year, which has plenty of T20 matches, including the all-important T20 World Cup.

“Virat is mainly… we are trying to build muscle mass. T20 also requires a lot of explosive energy; force production is a byproduct. It’s a mandatory thing for him to be strong. You also have the World Cup round the corner. So obviously, it’s a long-distance call as well as a short-distance call,” Basu said.

Kohli ended a string of low scores by getting his first fity of IPL 2022 on Saturday, April 30. Kohli hit a 53-ball 58 but it was not enough for RCB against Gujarat Titans.

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