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Published: Wednesday, October 20, 2021

On Wednesdays we feature an in-state prospect who could be flying under the radar of college coaches. This week’s UTR prospect is Fayetteville’s Bladen Fike.

Class: 2022

Position: QB

Height: 6-2 1/2

Weight: 192 pounds

Stats: In seven games, about 2,000 passing yards and 21 touchdowns; as a junior, 1,787 passing yards and 16 touchdowns

Fayetteville Coach Casey Dick:

“One big thing from last year to this year has been the way he prepares, the way he goes out everyday and really works at being a consistent football player and that’s obviously really important at his position of playing quarterback.”

Dick on Fike’s offseason:

“He put on about 28 pounds and I think he grew another two and a half inches which obviously growing is just a part of regular teenager but the work ethic and the extra curricular things he was doing as far as throwing and workouts doing some strength and agility and speed and agility training and all that preparation during the offseason led into the successful year he’s having now.”

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