Ujjain MP Anil Firojiya demands Rs 15,000 crore after completing Nitin Gadkari’s weight loss challenge

anil firojiya

Member of Parliament from Ujjain, Anil Firojiya working out in a park.

Photo : ANI


  • Ujjain MP Anil Firojiya claims he lost 15 kg weight following Nitin Gadkari’s challenge.
  • Gadkari had jokingly told him that he would Rs. 1,000 crore for development work for each kg Firojiya loses.
Ujjain: A Member of Parliament from Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain constituency, Anil Firojiya, demanded Rs 15,000 crore from Road Transport and Highways Minister, Nitin Gadkari, after taking up his challenge and losing 15 kgs of body weight, reported ANI.
Minister Gadkari in an event had jokingly told Firojiya that he would give Rs 1,000 crore for development work for each kilo lost.

“Union Min Nitin Gadkari had told me on stage that for each kilo I lose, I will earn Rs 1000 crore for development works in Ujjain. I took it as a challenge, have lost 15 kilos yet. Will reduce it further & request him to release funds promised,” Firojiya was reported saying by ANI.

Firojiya, a first-time Member of Parliament from the BJP, said that Gadkari had said that in order to motivate him to become more fit.

He said that development works funds will only be allocated to him if he lost weight. In a public event, Gadkari had said that once his weight was more than that of Firojiya but he has lost it now, “I showed him my old photograph. It is hard to recognise me in that photo, I will allocate Rs. 1,000 crore for each kg he loses,” Gadkari had said.

The MP also said that in order to get funds for the development of Madhya Pradesh, he will lose more weight.

He also shared his fitness routine and said he follows a strict diet plan and workout regime to lose weight. He said that he has included running, cardio exercise, and Yoga in his fitness. The MP reportedly eats salad for lunch and dinner with chapati made of mixed grain flour, and has a light breakfast.

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