Track your fitness and more with this $54 smartwatch

Track your fitness and more with this $54 smartwatch

Whether or not you made a New Year’s resolution, now is a great time to focus on your fitness and work towards your health goals. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to health. Since your body and goals are unique, you need to customize a plan that works for you. Let this 1.75′’ HD Touch Screen Smartwatch be at the center of your fitness plans, catering to your specific wants and needs.

Studies show that fitness trackers like smartwatches can help people exercise more and lose weight. If you’re looking to feel strong, lose weight, gain muscle, work out daily or keep your heart healthy, this smartwatch can give you the insight you need to set and meet goals. Ensure that you’re on track to keep moving towards your objectives with this watch’s convenient tracking capabilities.


This smartwatch’s features are designed to track your most important body metrics so you can optimize your workouts and motivate to keep going. Monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen level and sleep quality along with calories burned and steps. Multisport mode keeps track of different exercise types including walking, running, cycling and basketball.

Connect your watch to your smartphone to view notifications including messages, alarms, weather, timers and movement right on your wrist. Take advantage of Bluetooth 5.0 and 230mAh battery capacity for a strong connection and up to three days of battery life. This watch sits comfortably on your wrist, and won’t get damaged when you sweat or wash your hands.

The 1.75′’ HD Touch Screen Smartwatch will be there for you when you need the motivation to hit the gym, want to see how many steps you’ve taken or get a text message when your phone is out of reach. Get it on sale for 52% off at just $53.95.


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