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Do you want to build muscular shoulders? Do you want a workout that fills those gaps in t-shirts and shirts? A push press workout can get you all that and more. It is a relatively simple workout that will provide you with several benefits. This exercise generates momentum in your body, which will allow you to lift heavy weights overhead.

The benefits of push press include strengthening the upper torso, working on the rotator cuff, building core stability, and enhancing endurance.

How to Do a Push Press?

This exercise tends to be one of the variations of the overhead press, which uses your legs to generate power. Here’s how to do it:

  • Initial position – Carry the barbell on the shoulder. Keep a stable grip on the bar with your upper body engaged and back straight.
  • Slightly bend at your knees while keeping your chest straight and elbows in the same position.
  • Use your legs to power the barbell and raise the bar above your head. While lifting the barbell, make sure to extend your hips, knees, and ankles fully and tuck your head back a little bit for smooth lifting movement.
  • Bring your head to the initial position once you raise the barbell above the level of your head.
  • As you carry the barbell back to your shoulders, dip your legs slightly. Squat your legs in the initial position when you bring the bar to your shoulders.
  • Repeat.

Here’s a video for better understanding the moves:


Tips and Techniques for Push Press

Weight training exercises tend to be a bit complicated and should be done with proper form and stance to avoid getting hurt.

Maintain the grip: Grasping the bar with proper grip is necessary for doing a push press to prevent injuries. Make sure that your grip on the bar is tight. Unlike the thumb-less grip of a strict press, curl your thumbs around the bar.

Warm-up: A short cardio warm-up prior to this exercise is non-negotiable. You can also start with an empty bar before stacking the plates. This will help you understand the movement precisely and get a short practice beforehand.

Health Benefits of Push Press

This exercise works on the major muscle groups of your body such as the legs, arms, shoulders, and core. Therefore, incorporating push press into your regular workout routine will entail several health benefits, including:

Improved Strength and Stability of Shoulders

Strong and stable shoulders are important for day-to-day activities. This exercise tends to activate your shoulder muscles. Better shoulder stability will also improve your range of motion, avoid injuries, and build grip strength. Additionally, this will also help in preparing you for other variations of overhead press and lifting exercises.

Better Athletic Performance

Push press helps build strength in your legs and hips through explosive movements. It will help you improve the movements such as jumping and sprinting, leading to better athletic performance.

Strengthens the Lower Body

Push press helps in training the crucial muscles of the legs such as quads and glutes, which help in activities like climbing stairs, walking, and running.

Common Mistakes While Doing Push Press

Proper squat: One of the major mistakes that beginners make while doing push press is squatting too low. Squat just enough that it will help you power up and into the movement of the exercise.

Flaring out your elbows: If you flare your elbows outwards, it will result in lesser engagement of back muscles. This will increase the stress on your shoulders and affect the overall movement of the exercise. Make sure not to flare your elbows to prevent potential injuries and extreme shoulder stress.

Bottom Line

The push press exercise can be considered a dynamic way to include strength and power training in your routine. Many activities such as walking, climbing, lifting, and sports can be made slightly easier by doing these exercises regularly. The push press will go a long way in strengthening your muscles and preparing for a more advanced workout in the gym.

However, be aware of the common mistakes while doing the exercise to avoid any potential injuries and to complete this exercise accurately.

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