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In touring different parks, the University of Central Florida (UCF) students were drawn to GameTime’s THRIVE 450.

As such, Kyra Dickie, the assistant director of Fitness at UCF, shares on their partnership with GameTime. She dives into the reasons why they chose the company, how the users are benefitting and more.

Campus Rec Magazine: Why did you decide to partner with GameTime?

Kyra Dickie: We decided to partner with GameTime for three main reasons:

  1. Their product was most liked by students. Last year, we toured different parks in the greater Orlando area with two student government representatives, and out of the outdoor gyms we saw, they liked the sleek modern design of the THRIVE 450 best.
  2. GameTime is local. Longwood, Florida, is close to UCF’s campus. That means maintenance, trainings and overall customer service is more convenient.
  3. Many fitness equipment companies specialize in just indoor equipment. Finding a quality brand that knows how to make equipment that handles the outdoor elements well was important to us.

CRM: Can you describe the THRIVE unit you have on campus?

KD: The THRIVE 450 is a large outdoor fitness apparatus that allows for students to work out functionally. Whether you are a novice exerciser or athlete, there is something for everyone on the THRIVE.

CRM: What benefits have you seen from users?

KD: Our THRIVE 450 just recently opened, but we know the environmental wellness component of getting fresh air outdoors in the sunshine is a major benefit. We are excited to offer workshops and classes on this piece in the spring for the UCF community.

CRM: What has pleasantly surprised you about this partnership with GameTime?

KD: Kurt, our direct contact, has been incredible to work with. He has followed up countless times, visited campus and maintains a relationship with us. We appreciate his support through this process.

CRM: Is there anything else other campus rec professionals should know?

KD: I recommend planning the installation during a time where there will be good weather — that plays a big part in how quickly the piece will get done.

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Heather Hartmann is the editor for Campus Rec Magazine. She can be reached at [email protected]

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