Things Only Adults Notice In The Nutty Professor

Sherman’s boss, Dean Richmond (Larry Miller), is an absolute nightmare to work for. Luckily, Harlan Hartley is invested in Sherman, not the school that employs him. This raises an important question: Why does Sherman continue to work for the university?

We’re not trying to pick any nits here, but any adult familiar with the working world can’t help but wonder why he sticks around. Sherman is absolved of his crimes by the end of the movie, and is free to work wherever he wants. Sure, things got out of hand, but he created a serum that makes people lose weight immediately. While the university might own the rights to this serum, he’s clearly a world-defining scientist. Moreover, his boss isn’t going to suddenly become a nice person. With his skills and Harlan’s funding, Sherman could probably go anywhere he desires — and should. As seasoned viewers know, working for a bad boss can rip the joy out of even the most fulfilling job. Someone as highly sought-after as Sherman should have a plethora of options far away from Dean Richmond at this disposal. There’s no reason not to take one.

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