These Are The Exercise Moves Trainers Love Doing The Most

You’re reading Move, the nudge we need to get active, however makes us happiest and healthiest.

When you find an exercise routine that works for you, everything clicks. If you’re still waiting to have this experience or if you’ve fallen out of love with your usual standby, we feel you.

It’s easy to feel defeated when you’re just not vibing with your physical fitness. But discovering a workout you enjoy – whether it’s an invigorating walk, a calming yoga stretch or a challenging HIIT class – is so undeniably worth it. Exercise isn’t just for your body; it’s for your mind.

So yes, it’s worth trying something new when your current groove just isn’t working for you anymore. But with the endless options available, especially now, maybe you feel a little overwhelmed.

That’s why we asked fitness experts to share a favourite exercise they would do every day if they could.

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