The Ted Lasso Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Sorry, Gemini — even on “Ted Lasso,” someone has to be the bad guy. And to be fair, it’s not former Richmond owner Rupert Mannion’s duplicity that makes him a Gemini, it’s a common misconception that Geminis are two-faced, due to their dualistic nature. In fact, it’s Rupert’s gregarious, social butterfly nature that marks him as the best “Ted Lasso” character for the sign that’s so busy they’d wish for an identical twin to cover more ground. Although he primarily pops up in the show to antagonize his ex-wife, it’s always in a social setting like the charity fundraiser or Mae’s pub, so he can charm the crowd and be the center of attention.

Of course, in a lesson for Geminis everywhere, Rupert let his zeal for life and dislike of routine get the better of him long before the show started, as multiple infidelities led to his acrimonious divorce from Rebecca. And his internally divided Gemini nature seems to have him stuck between worlds with indecision, another pitfall of the sign: he’s seemingly moved on with Bex, a kid on the way even, but he manages to find excuse after excuse to get back into Rebecca’s orbit, ultimately buying another Premiere League club in Season 2.

So, call Rupert a comprehensive illustration of all the good and bad that a Gemini can be. You can charm anyone, and always have a witty remark ready to go, but it’s important not to grow callous in your ceaseless desire for new experiences.

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