The impact of basketball on the student

You are a schoolboy and want to play sports, but your parents are worried that it will have a bad effect? We will prove otherwise. For example, basketball can be just as useful as research paper editing services.

Why basketball?

People who want to strengthen their health with useful training should pay attention to basketball. Today, the basketball section is one of the most exciting and accessible to the people. who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. Simple at first glance, the game with the ball can attract the attention of many spectators and athletes themselves. However, no less important is the question: what are the health benefits of these classes and why basketball?

Techniques and tactics

The process of playing basketball is full of many special techniques that require technical and tactical skills, and the emerging spirit of rivalry provides a stormy interest of the match. In the course of game the person needs to use various groups of muscles for implementation of difficult maneuvering movements, running and high jumps that provides comprehensive development of the athlete. The dynamic process of the game forces players to use their powers wisely, constantly changing the level of their activity. In order to achieve an advantage over the opponent it is necessary to accelerate running at the right moment or to carry out fast and sharp movement with a ball by means of specific jumps and throws. All techniques of basketball perfectly develop reflexes and support muscles of a body in a tone. the constantly changing course of the match motivates the athlete to make strenuous movements in the amount of approximately 40% of the total competition time. Today, in just one competition, the player runs about 7 kilometers, plus performing various jumps, throws and other technical movements.

Endurance and body

Effective basketball creates favorable conditions not only for the development of physical strength of the athlete. Playing with a ball, the person perfectly develops the coordination in the course of motor activity, and also becomes more endurance after long trainings of the respiratory system during sharp stresses, throws, jumps, runs and movements. Movements in basketball force the body to work harmoniously like a clock during the game, so the organs of internal secretion and the digestive system are favorably affected.

Nervous System

The nervous system is subjected to a certain load and development due to constant monitoring of organ activity. A person who plays basketball improves his peripheral vision, which is a big plus, which has a significant impact on the effectiveness of visual perception. Studies have shown that today, regular basketball increases by an average of 40% the sensitivity of visual perception of light pulses. All of the above shows how useful basketball will be for children.

Cardiovascular system

Similarly, basketball helps the body in the development of the cardiovascular system, which occurs due to normalized physical activity. The heart rate of athletes during the match reaches from 180 to 230 beats per minute, with blood pressure not exceeding 180-200 mm Hg.

Respiratory system

Due to the increased frequency of respiratory movements reaches 50 – 60 cycles in one minute with a volume within 120-150 liters during basketball, vital capacity of lungs subsequently increases. The gradual development of the respiratory organs makes a person more energetic and resilient, which has a beneficial effect on health.

We burn calories – we lose weight

Considerable energy costs for one productive game of basketball are about 900-1200 calories. As a result for consumption of which lacks energy working muscles use a considerable quantity of fatty deposits, getting rid of the person of extra kilograms. Slender people in this case continue to strengthen and maintain a great figure. Today, this fact motivates many men and women who are overweight to start health training with basketball, to get a beautiful figure in the process of an exciting game.

Good shape, good health

Some of the exercises of modern basketball are so useful that they have been included in many physical therapy courses. For example, such exercise for basketball as a throw of a ball in a basket develops hands, muscles of legs and a back that can be good prevention of a disease of joints. An interesting and mobile game with constant movement will help weak and sedentary people to feel much better after regular training. Basketball classes will have a positive effect on the development of the body only if the novice athlete has paid enough attention to the initial level of preparation for training.

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