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To cure our wanderlust or visit our loved ones abroad, coming in and returning to Hong Kong requires travellers to undergo a mandatory quarantine. And while the thought of being in isolation for seven, 14, or 21 days may seem like a daunting undertaking, we’ve rounded up the best places to stay for quarantining in Hong Kong. Accommodations on this list will make your home for the next little while seem like a refuge and retreat that will go by in no time at all. 

We’ve relied on our dear friends and community groups to share their experiences with us, so lo and behold, our list of recommended quarantine hotels in the city. 

Note: bookings are in demand, so do reserve early to avoid disappointment. For the full list of designated quarantine hotels, booking status, and the latest news regarding travel requirements, visit Hong Kong SAR website

RECOMMENDED: Got called in for a stay at the Hong Kong quarantine camp? Here’s a handy guide on how to survive inside the quarantine camp. 

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