The best home treadmills for your home gym

We all love a bit of handy tech. Especially if you’re someone who likes to stay on top of your fitness. It’s now possible to have seriously hi-tech gear in the home — or even just a simple app on the phone — to ensure you’re always in tiptop condition. Especially good if there’s, hmmmm, a global pandemic for instance that forces us to workout at home. Needless to say, we’re all much more used to staying fit within the confines of our homes now and better appreciate the benefits of good exercise gear.

But there’s one exercise machine that’s still daunting: the terrifying treadmill. Maybe it’s because they’re big, bulky, and there’s no escape once you’re on them, but the treadmill has always been the scariest of all exercise equipment. Modern home treadmills, however, are actually sleek, smart, and interactive — another example of cool tech designed to make you fitter.

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Whether you’re looking to do some interval workouts or simply reach the highest level of calorie burn, this new class of fitness equipment has it all: clear sound systems, tablet holders, compatibility with fitness apps, advanced heart rate monitoring, and more. Here’s some need-to-know information.

What are the health benefits of a treadmill?

To have a treadmill in your home means getting all the benefits of good cardio — improved cardiovascular health, calories burnt, weight loss, low blood pressure, improved sleep, and more. A good quality treadmill will also take it easy on your joints, with a design that absorbs impact. That means fewer injuries that you might pick up from running on regular streets. It’s not only health benefits, of course. Treadmills are hugely convenient — making it easier to workout whenever you like — and modern tech features allow you to customise workout your specific fitness needs.

How big is a treadmill?

That’s perhaps the biggest question of all when it comes to treadmills. Because you only have so much space, and they’re not exactly small — though they’re also not necessarily as big and cumbersome as you might think. The average treadmill is just under 2 metres long and just under a metre wide. If you are struggling for space, consider a foldable model. That means you fold it up and store it away until your next workout.

What are best features on a treadmill?

Most modern treadmills come with some kind of console and/or display screen. This is where it feeds back vital info to keep tracks of your performance and progress — stats such as calories burned, heart rate, distance, and speed. Available stats will vary depending on how expensive and advanced the treadmill is. More advanced treadmills will also connect to smart devices via Bluetooth and sync with fitness apps — or have a tablet-style screen that links to live workout classes, as made popular by Peloton exercise bikes. If they don’t have screens, let’s not overlook how important it is to have some sort of clip or holder for securing a tablet — just in case you need distracting with your favourite show to get through those last few miles. Other key features include different levels of incline.

What is manual and automatic incline?

Here’s a term that might confuse you if you’re a treadmill newbie. Incline is basically how steep the running deck is. Using an increasingly steep incline helps burn more calories and build muscle. Some models have a manual incline, which means you change it with a lever or button — this is more common on budget models. Automatic incline is activated by a simple press of a button, which you can pump up or down depending on how intense you want your workout to be.

How much does a treadmill cost?

This all depends on the quality you’re after. If you want a basic model that folds away into the downstairs cupboard, you can pick one up for under £200. But if you’re looking to get serious about state-of-the-art tech and high quality design, you can spend into the thousands. This list includes a range of price points. Spend as little — or as much — as suits your fitness needs.

What is the best treadmill?

The answer, ultimately, is whatever suits your home and workout style. In order to find the best options for you, we have scoured the web for write-ups and left no treadmill review unread. Whether you want a heavy-duty piece of training equipment or are thinking of exploring folding treadmills to find a rainy-day fit, we’ve got suggestions in your price range.

These are the best home treadmills for 2021.

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