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SARMs work as good as steroids and there are some incredible evidence found to be true. SR9009 is a whole different type of Sarm which is becoming popular in the bodybuilding field. The reason for that is the strong acting chemical formula which leads to some sudden physical changes both positive and negative. Click Here to Buy Stenabolic SR9009

Let’s compare the Stenabolic 9009 with STENA 9009 (a natural alternative to SR9009) and see which one of them works better than the other.

Some call SR9009 a Sarm while another part of the medical community calls it a metabolic modulator. Stenabolic SR9009 is a synthetic drug made by Scripps Research and Pharmaceutical Company. From the day it was manufactured until now, SR9009 is being sold as a performance enhancer for bodybuilders and athletes but its main objective is to modulate the circadian rhythm of the body. 

Sarms are investigational drugs and like them, Stenabolic 9009 was originally created to be tested on lab animals. This was to see whether the drug enhances the REV-ERC activity or another form of health benefits on paper. 

Is Stenabolic Legal?

Stenabolic is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), it’s difficult to buy Stenabolic legally because the drug is being used for investigational and research purposes only. 

It’s impossible to find SR9099 in Australia because they have a strict policy about consuming illicit substances in bodybuilding which is why Crazy Bulk STENA 9009 is becoming popular there. The legality of Sarms isn’t rocket science and most people understand the notion of using steroids and sarms in exchange for the dangerous side effects. 

Bodybuilders in 2022 are using SR9009 purchased from the black market for incredible cutting and physical stamina. 

How does Stenabolic Sarm Work?

REV-ERC activity has a direct effect on Circadian Rhythm and0 SR9009 stimulates this which alters sleep patterns as observed in laboratory mice. The suppression of BMAL1 production takes place to achieve the result; REV-ERB is also associated with improving energy production and is found mainly in liver, muscle, and fat tissues. 

  • Liver is responsible for dealing with around 90% REV-ERB activity which involves 900 genes under circadian control. The mechanism shuts down the genes that produce glucose without changing insulin sensitivity. SR9009 also activates genes that form new fat cells while inhibiting inflammatory responses in the cells. 
  • In muscles, REV-ERB activity boosted by Stenabolic 9009 promotes the fat burning effect which is by raising mitochondrial energy in the body. 
  • On Fat Cells, SR9009 decreases the Triglyceride production and shuts off the gene which stores fat. 

SR9009 is unlike other Sarms because usually sarms act by activating or modulating a few androgen receptors in the body. On the other hand, the SR9009 mechanism is completely different as it activates the REV-ERB activity in the body which then leads to every type of benefit. In lab studies, Stenabolic affects the Circadian Rhythm in mice which renders sleep alteration and other physiological behavior. 

SR9009 Before and After in Clinical Studies

In animal cell studies, there are the findings gathered from the experts about Stenabolic 9009 results. 

  • Enhanced oxygen supply to the muscles
  • Reduction of new fat cell generation in the liver
  • Decreased formation of bile acid and cholesterol in the liver
  • Enhanced mitochondria in muscles
  • Increased fatty acid and glucose consumption

To get the most out of the Sarms, it is crucial to keep track of the ideal dosing. The dosage of Stenabolic 9009 is between 10-30 mg per day but in some cases, bodybuilders take this dosage to 40mg. For optimal results, it’s better to stick with a workout regimen with an SR9099 dosage. 

Here is the perfect glimpse of SR9009 dosage distribution throughout the day. 

SR9009 Everyday dose is 20mg

The first part of the SR9009 dose i.e. 5mg is taken in the morning. The second dose is followed at noon which is also 5mg, then 5mg at 5:00 P.M. The last 5 mg of Stenabolic 9009 is taken at 10:00 PM. 

For bodybuilding, the perfect cycle length of SR9009 is 6-10 weeks during which the results appear within days. You can also stack up the Sarm with other Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators like Cardarine but this will only exacerbate the side effects. 

Individuals who’ve been taking Stenabolic SR9009 Sarm experienced one side effect which is very common i.e. Lethargy. Sarm users experience all sorts of side effects especially when a stack of multiple sarms is being used; the side effects are headache, water retention, and joint pain. 

It also depends upon the source which gave you SR9009 pills and this can be another product too. The norm of the black market is not facilitated by any SOP or guidelines so you gotta workout with what you’ve got! 

Wakefulness is the result of altered sleeping patterns of a person which is because of the enhanced REV-ERB activity. This way, many Stenabolic users find it difficult to get quality sleep, that’s why SR9009 dosage before bedtime is not recommended. 

Another side effect of SR9009 involves decreased muscle strength and fat oxidation which leads to sudden weight gain. A similar effect is observed in the users who performed Stenabolic 9009 cycle for more than 10 weeks. 

Legal SR9009 for Sale

When we talk about the legal SR9009, the natural supplements display themselves as the powerful alternatives to the steroids and Sarms. Although few vendors in the United States can sell you SR9009 you got to have a doctor’s prescription for that. 

Educating people about the dangers of Sarms is essential to move to its natural alternatives instead. 

Crazy Bulk STENA 9009 – The Real Stenabolic SR9009 SARMs Alternative 

If you are looking for steroid and sarms alternatives, Crazy Bulk has the best products for bodybuilders both professional and beginners. STENA 9009 is a natural alternative to Stenabolic which is proven safe and effective for human use- unlike Stenabolic 9009. 

You can get two visible benefits using Crazy Bulk STENA 9009 which are Fat Oxidation and Muscle Preservation, the ultimate goals of the muscle cycle. Additionally, there are natural versions of Sarms that follows the path of energy boost in the muscles. 

Crazy Bulk initiated its line of natural Sarms because involving the SR9009 like chemicals are highly risky. Because of the side effects of Sarms for bodybuilding, many professional athletes around the world dropped out of the games because it’s illegal to use chemicals like it. Whereas, Crazy Bulk STENA 9009 is the ideal supplement that completes the Stenabolic mechanism without the side effects. 

Lately, STENA 9009 is Crazy Bulk’s best cutting supplement which has unlimited health benefits for a better and stronger physique. 

The profile for each ingredient in STENA 9009 formula has been backed by clinical studies. The natural formula initially boosts the metabolism which speaks for fat oxidation and lean muscle mass growth. Using STENA 9009 daily manages caloric intake and it encourages the norms of the cutting cycle. 

This happens by improving the user’s quality gains and delivering the components to boost stamina during rough workouts. Carefully put, the ingredients in STENA 9009 support ATP activity and don’t interfere with the REV-ERB mechanism. At last, no muscle fatigue, lethargy, and wakefulness-like side effects are observed. 

What are STENA 9009 Ingredients?

The best thing about the SR9009 alternative is the bunch of ingredients available in the formula. STENA 9009 is packed with some anabolism-inducing and collectively beneficial ingredients that promote fat loss, lean muscle preservation, sharper stamina, and the power to endure the physical changes. 

Alpha Lipoic Acid

STENA 9009 is the only real Sarm alternative that comes with the power of Alpha Lipoic Acid. This is an extraordinary antioxidant and amino acid that converts nutrients in the foods into energy. For hardcore performance without the inflammatory responses, ALA triggers the weight loss which is by preventing the Enzymatic Activity of AMP-Activated Protein Kinase. This process indeed contributes greatly to stimulating the metabolism rate and suppressing appetite in users.

In studies, regular intake of Alpha Lipoic supplement causes a remarkable reduction in the Body Mass Index. It also supports muscle gain and strength which can be seen after 2-3 months.


L-Carnitine is a natural amino acid that is also involved in the transformation of energy in the body. STENA 9009 formula has 100% bioavailable L-Carnitine inside which leads to faster recovery and significantly reduced muscle fatigue. As the amount of physical energy rises, so does the obliteration of unwanted fat.

STENA 9009 has 600 mg L-Carnitine available per serving which in theory improves testosterone production and protein synthesis. You could see L-Carnitine before and after results online where it was used by pro-athletes for weeks.


STENA 9009 by Crazy Bulk has non-essential amino acid which has a special purpose for improving strength and stamina. L-Citrulline supports the production of Nitric Oxide which directly affects physical performance while reducing blood pressure. As an ergogenic compound, L-Citrulline in STENA 9009 manages the fat to lean mass ratio in the body and makes sure the exercise is getting you prime gains without muscle soreness and lethargy.

Beetroot (10:1 Extract)

Beetroot extract is loaded with numerous nutrients that take an important role in managing blood flow to the muscles and further ergogenic support. For complete performance-enhancing effects, Beetroot extract contains Betalains, L-ascorbic acid, polyphenols, saponins, and carotenoids with a high level of nitrates.

STENA 9009 per serving contains 200 mg of Beetroot extract that reduce muscle soreness, maintains healthy blood pressure, and reduces energy requirements by the smooth skeletal muscles.

Magnesium Oxide

From protein synthesis to the control of blood sugar, Magnesium is involved in more than 300 hundred biological processes. STENA 9009’s purpose to add Magnesium Oxide is to improve cardiovascular health and speed up muscle recovery for better performance. With 375 mg available per serving, STENA 9009 gets the daily equipment of Mg fulfilled.

Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid is the main component for muscle growth, repair, and anabolism. Vitamin C is involved in supporting the immune system, collagen production, and wound healing process which can be proactive for new and pro bodybuilders. Symptoms of vitamin C deficiency are loss of muscle mass, weight gain and high inflammatory response which is damaging for someone who wants to achieve faster results.

In STENA 9009, there is 80 mg of Vitamin C per serving.

Vitamin B3

As a water-soluble vitamin, B3 has a list of health benefits that no other vitamin offers. It’s a conserver of cellular energy which is obtained from our daily food intake. For energy boost and supporting healthy cells, Vitamin B3 is quite helpful which also takes a big part in weight loss during a cutting cycle.

This is done by increasing the levels of weight loss hormone called Adiponectin which shares properties like increasing recovery process, repair, and metabolism. STENA 9009 provides 16 mg of Vitamin B3 per serving.

How to Take STENA 9009 Supplement?

Bodybuilding SARMs like Stenabolic 9009 dosage is very crucial to note and you have to take it with extreme precautions. Compared to this, using Crazy Bulk STENA 9009 is easier because of the natural ingredients and has no side effects. Here is how you should use STENA 9009. 

  • Take 4 capsules out of the pack and take it with a glass of water. The dosage should be taken 45 minutes before the workout
  • Go to the gym and execute the harder workouts with ease
  • Continue using STENA 9009 for at least 3 months to get visible changes

What benefits can you think of when you start using STENABOLIC 9009 alternative? The answer is as follows:

  • STENA 9009 is a risk-free and effective alternative to Sarm for Stamina and Cutting
  • STENA 9009 helps with the fat eradication in the muscles
  • Boost muscular energy and stamina
  • High-level endurance
  • Augmented blood flow in muscles
  • Fights muscle fatigue

Depending on the size of STENA 9009 dosage per day, the actual price is available on the Crazy Bulk official website. It has been only a few months since they launched STENA 9009 legal Sarm and that’s not available elsewhere. 

In 2022, most consumers go to stores like Amazon, GNC, Walmart, and Costco to get the legal sarm supplements but none of them deals with Crazy Bulk’s list of natural SARMs. 

On Crazy Bulk’s official website, three packages are given to buy on STENA 9009 supplement. 

  • Purchasing a single bottle of STENA 9009: $69.99 
  • Buying Two Bottles will Get 1 for free at $139.99
  • Buying Three Bottles has 2 bottles for free offer: $209.99

We have also noticed something very impressive about Crazy Bulk all products, the 60-day money-back guarantee offer. According to the company, if their products failed to deliver results like the actual Sarms or Steroids, they are happy to provide them with a refund after two months of purchase. 

Crazy Bulk SARMs

Crazy Bulk is the world’s first legal steroid manufacturer which started its operation in 2015. To this day, they have sold millions of dietary supplements across the world with thousands of followers on their social media pages. Crazy Bulk products are shipped to almost 100 countries and they are faster with delivery. 

You can find hundreds of reviews about Crazy Bulk supplements and how they changed people’s perspectives about finding the best natural versions of Sarms and steroids. 

STENA 9009 Customer Reviews

Since the day it was launched, Crazy Bulk STENA 9009 has been getting all kinds of positive vibes from customers. The majority number are those who hit a plateau with weight loss especially men who are above ’30s. 


STENA 9009 is dedicated to embark better energy levels all over the body which serves for Weight Loss, Lean Muscle Preservation, Nitric Oxide Boost, and ATP Generation. These results are something you don’t find by using Stenabolic 9009 Sarm. 

Nathan P. Nashville, TN | Verified User



I saw my energy climbing and by the second week I was feeling leaner and more hyped to workout. I would buy it again.

Jake P. 

Austin, TX, Verified User



It actually didn’t work for me. But I’m still giving 5 stars because they made the return process super easy and gave me a full refund. No shady business is a win in my book.

Sarms for sale? It’s an overstated argument to fool the needy fitness junkeys. Stena 9009 in a way is the only alternative I found with so many great reviews. After using it for a month only, I have seen dramatic physical changes in my body which included weight loss and prime muscle gain. 

Keith Marlow


Stenabolic 9009 is the least dangerous SARMs of all but still, it has got a bad reputation among bodybuilders. That’s because SARMs are highly dangerous and merely used as investigational compounds to see if they can treat life-threatening medical conditions. For 20 years, not a single Sarm has made it to the bodybuilding field apart from users buying them from unknown sources. The benefits of performance-enhancing drugs are accurately fast and better than the rest but the human body can only tolerate a lesser amount of such androgenic compounds. 

Crazy Bulk recreated the 6 best Sarms where STENA 9009 demonstrates Stenabolic-like results. The purpose of legal and natural Sarms is to spread awareness about the life-threatening results bodybuilders can obtain using Sarms. The best use of the real Sarms is only extended to treat medical conditions like Osteoporosis in females, muscle loss disease, and several metabolic disorders. Stenabolic 9009 is strictly prohibited by the medical community and there is a very good reason why you cannot purchase it without a prescription. 

Crazy Bulk STENA 9009 is available over the counter and has all the results of Sarms that you have desired to achieve, minus the side effects. 

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