S’poreans to have access to more coaches and facilities to keep them healthy: SportSG

S’poreans to have access to more coaches and facilities to keep them healthy: SportSG

SINGAPORE – The national initiative to keep Singaporeans healthy will be expanded, with Sport Singapore (SportSG) saying it will give around 500,000 people access to its programmes by 2027.

With Active Health, residents can tap coaches and facilities to guide them on health and wellness matters.

More than 320,000 people to date have participated in the programmes, which include fitness and health assessments.

The initiative was launched in 2017 as a collaboration between SportSG and healthcare providers.

It is part of Singapore’s strategy to tackle rising healthcare costs by keeping people healthy.

On Wednesday (June 22), SportSG signed partnerships with seven healthcare partners to expand the initiative in a ceremony at Our Tampines Hub.

They include the Health Promotion Board, Ministry of Health’s Office for Healthcare Transformation (MOHT) and the National Healthcare Group.

Active Health will introduce several new programmes over the next six months.

They include two designed together with SingHealth to support families with overweight children to implement positive changes in their diet and lifestyle.

A fitness trail will also be opened in Queenstown, in line with the town’s recent designation as Singapore’s first health district.

New Active Health partner MOHT will introduce guided walks in Boon Lay.

“Health coaches will conduct guided walks for residents in the park that incorporates health tips, as well as short exercises at various stations,” SportSG said.

The aim is to equip residents with the knowledge to conduct such walks themselves.

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