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What’s better than an ab roller for a hardcore core workout? Well, according to the team behind the SKLZ Core Wheels, the answer is simple: two ab rollers. And judging by the evidence from our tests, they would be right; the product wowed our in-house testers, earning it the top spot on our list of the best ab rollers.

SKLZ inverts the usual ab roller set-up of a central wheel with handles on either side, instead providing a plush foam handle with rubber wheels on each end. What really sets the Core Wheels apart, though, is the fact there are two for them. As a result, if you’re new to resistance training and wondering how to get a stronger core (opens in new tab), all movements can be scaled to make them easier – just use a roller with one hand while keeping your other hand on the ground as a point of stability. 

Key details

– Unique dual-roller design

– Plush foam handles

– Smaller, sturdy rubber wheels

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