Serious flood damage to Mars training center ATHENS 9,84

Aris is called upon to pay dearly for the consequences of the “Ballos” bad weather that is hitting Thessaloniki as its training center in Neos Rysios suffered great damage.

More specifically, the stream behind the parking lot and the surrounding plots overflowed due to the rains, with the result that the water penetrated into all areas of the facilities, including the locker rooms.

Sauna, cold saunas, fitness equipment, wardrobes, floors and everything that was inside the training room were handed over to the fury of the water and now the staff of the “yellow-blacks” are called to restore the training center to its previous state.

Indicative of the losses that occurred is the fact that all the machines inside Ryssio were destroyed with the financial damage estimated at 400.000 euros according to calculations of the “yellow and black” PAE.

Andreas Chanias

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