Select South Jersey Waters Stocked With Trout

And now we switch to freshwater, trout in particular.

The Division of Fish & Wildlife’s October trout stocking program kicked in this past week with north Jersey rivers and streams dosed with two-year-old rainbows averaging 14-16 inches as well as a sprinkling (2% per payload) of spent three-year-old breeders taping to 23-plus inches and weighing in the neighborhood of 4-6 pounds.

Next week, 11 south Jersey lakes and ponds, and one river, the Maurice, will be graced with generous amounts of same size fish, breeders included, and these will provide prime ultra-light and light tackle opportunities. And good eating as well. An added bonus is that another bunch of southern tier county waters will be stocked five or so weeks later (the Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving Week) as part of the Division’s winter trout stocking program.

Myriad baits will catch these October bows with the various colored Berkley PowerBait doughs and nuggets, Berkley Gulp! Worms, salmon eggs, garden worms, mealworms, and the M&M (Mini marshmallow/Meal worm combo) all limit makers.

For those of us who prefer to cover more waters as opposed to the bait ‘n wait (which we sometimes do), it’s the spinner that will draw near-immediate reaction strikes from not only recently furloughed ‘bows but those that survive the initial onslaught and continue chasing forage until the winter chill sets in and slows the metabolisms.

We all know how weeds work in south Jersey waters, and they are not spinner friendly as per choking the retrieve via the standard treble hook set up.

That problem was solved last year and is making slow-but-sure inroads on the south Jersey trout-catching scheme as more discover its weed-dodging, slip ‘n slide avoidance, and its marriage of two monster companies: Mepps Lures and Mr. Twister.

Here it is and how it works: a Mr. Twister Grub is mated to a Mepps Comet spinner via its exclusive keeper hook. A near weedless setup that delivers a one-two punch: the allure and buzz of a whirring spinner blade and the seductive weaving of the curly tail grub.

The trout cruising in and around, and through, the weeds find it hard not to hit, beat on and otherwise trash.

Following are the stocking numbers for next week.

Crystal Lake (220), Maurice River (170), Giampietro Park Pond (170), Greenwich Lake (190), Grenloch Lake (170), Hammonton Lake (230), Iona Lake (210), Mary Elmer Lake (210), Oak Pond (170), Schadler’s Sand Wash Pond (160), Swedesboro Lake (220) and Sylvan Lake (170).

South Jersey waters dosed last week were the Toms River (360), South Branch of the Metedeconk River (270) and North Branch of the Metedeconk River (160).

The daily limit is four trout.

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