Planet Fitness partners with Toledo Public Schools to donate fitness equipment to Scott HS

The donated equipment is valued at about $60,000.

TOLEDO, Ohio — When Planet Fitness Michigan Group heard Scott High School needed new fitness equipment, they immediately stepped up.

“It was something that was desperately needed for our students, staff and our community, so I’m extremely excited,” principal Dr. Carnell Smith said.

Student-athlete Jaali Peterson said this new equipment is going to help him perform even better.

“Gets me strong, healthy, so I can evolve as a player on and off the field,” Peterson said.

Darnell Smith, an alumnus and active mentor for Scott High School Athletes, said he can’t remember ever having a weight room like this.

“When I saw this room that we had in here, that’s what inspired me to be like, ok, we might be able to do this because with all the room we have in here, it’s just opened the doors for us to put more weights in here,” Darnell Smith said.

This isn’t the first time the school received a large donation. An Ottawa Hills native has also paid college tuition for an entire graduating class. Something the school principal says they’re fortunate to receive.

“It is a huge deal and I’m humble and grateful too, but this is something we expect and like I said our motto here is not if, but when.”


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