Paulo Costa Not Sorry For Missing Weight

At UFC Vegas 41, Paulo Costa shared the octagon with Marvin Vettori. They fought all five rounds and kept exchanging bombs.

However, this fight was held in the light heavyweight division when it was scheduled in middleweight. The change came after Costa who admitted he couldn’t cut the needed weight.

He said he had an injury on his left biceps and could not train for some time, so he went to Las Vegas heavier than usual, but he didn’t feel sorry for that.

“No, of course not,” answered Costa, if he felt bad about failing the weight. “I came here and the UFC suggest to fight on catchweight or 205, and I just say ‘Yes, let’s go. I don’t care for weight.’ So … this is a fair fight. Both guys did weight at the same day, at the same limit, so … that can’t be more fair than that.”

He also talked about the fight, and said that he did a good job, but still lost the fight.

“The only problem, my friend, is I lost this fight, so it will look like excuse [chuckles],” said Costa. “You know, nothing … I not have excuse to nothing, I did a good job there, Marvin as well, congratulation for him and to me, I think.”

“But, I had some problem to not make—to not coming here with my usual weight, I came a little bit higher weight because I need to stop some weeks of training.”

Costa suffered the second loss after being defeated in a title fight with Adesanya.

He was undefeated before fighting for the belt, but now he has some downfall period and needs to get back in the winning column.

On the other hand, Vettori earned another victory and remains the top contender. Still, after suffering a loss in his rematch with Adesanya, it is too early for him to talk about the trilogy with him.

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