Palm Springs’ Florence Perchuk Shows Key to Senior Fitness

A Coachella Valley native now living in New York City, Katie Reed saw the need — through her grandmother — for programs to help people 65 and older stay fit without having to leave the house. After a pilot program with assisted-living facilities, she and a business partner launched an internet fitness platform in November 2021.

Subscription-based Balanced includes on-demand and live classes incorporating cardio dance and boxing, yoga and stretching, and strength training. Programs are reviewed by a board-certified physical therapist. Reed and her partner have secured $6.5 million in venture capital funding to build their brand and are working toward getting Balanced offered as a benefit of Medicare Advantage plans, much like SilverSneakers.

SilverSneakers, available only to Medicare Advantage members, offers free gym memberships, as well as online access to wellness articles on exercise and nutrition and live and on-demand classes led by trainers educated in working with seniors. Videos cover yoga, mat Pilates, cardio routines (including dance), stretching, flexibility, balance, strength training, tai chi, stress management, and brain health.

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