Off-Duty Cop Getting Haircut in Baltimore Kills Shooting Suspect, Police Say

A Baltimore police officer getting his hair cut on Saturday afternoon fatally shot a man suspected in three other shootings, NBC News reports. The officer, who has not been named and was off duty, is said to have reacted swiftly when the suspect fatally shot his barber. Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison told a news conference that the officer was not wearing a uniform or body cam, but the man he shot was suspected to have shot a 37-year-old man and another adult male several hours before killing the barber. One of the men died in hospital and the other was in critical condition. “This is something the average person wouldn’t do,” Mayor Brandon Scott told reporters. “We don’t know what would have happened if he was not able to respond in that way, and how many more incidents could have happened tonight here in Baltimore City.”

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