NFL Rumors: Former Raiders WR Henry Ruggs Faces 50 Years In Prison

The Raiders signed veteran speedster DeSean Jackson to replace Ruggs.

Jackson, who only had 8 receptions for 221 yards and a touchdown for the Rams this season, said that he’s looking forward to fulfilling any role the team asks him:

“I will do whatever it is I am asked to do,” Jackson told The Athletic. “Coming in midway through the season … unfortunately the situation with Ruggs, it kind of just … I am not saying I am filling that role, but just trying to be the spark that I have been my whole career. You know, deep threat, vertical threat and (forcing) a defense to have to account for that. If it’s being a decoy and opening things up for (Darren) Waller or Hunter (Renfrow), whatever I need to do to be a spark is what I am here for. … I’m not asking to get the ball 100 times.”

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