New outdoor fitness court in Norman provides free gym option for community to get fit

New outdoor fitness court in Norman provides free gym option for community to get fit

NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – The City of Norman has placed an emphasis on the community’s health with programs like Move with the Mayor and now a gym that is available to all, for free.

The City had unveiled a new fitness court at Frances Cate Park. It is an outdoor gym where residents can experience a variety of bodyweight exercises right in their neighborhood.

Fight or Flight Fitness gym owner, James White, first saw the fitness court model while visiting San Francisco. Fascinated by the design, he knew it needed to be in Norman.

“I was lucky enough to be involved early in the talks between the City of Norman and the National Fitness Council in the project to get this type of fitness court brought to Norman,” said White.

The newly installed fitness court has seven stations to utilize. At three minutes a piece, you can get a full body workout in about 20 minutes.

“We want a healthy community,” said Jason Olsen, director of parks and recreation at the City of Norman. “We want people to come out, no matter what their income level is, and have a healthy way, a safe way, to workout, and this is a great place to come workout.”

Olsen said the fitness court is the latest addition to the City of Norman’s emphasis on health.

“The City of Norman has 65 parks, a golf course, swimming pool, all these different ways to keep yourself out, healthy and get out and keep yourself moving,” said Olsen.

The over $125,000 addition was made possible by the community block grant, which is a federal grant that also does things like placing people in homes or adding amenities to parks.

“The community block grant’s basically making sure that certain parts of towns and cities have access, close access, to amenities that can help keep them healthier and have a better lifestyle, quality of life,” said Olsen.

The new fitness court also has a corresponding app, where people can follow along with free workouts that are based on the equipment at the court.

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