NBA Rumors: Kevin Love & Collin Sexton To Lakers, Russell Westbrook To Cavs In Proposed Blockbuster Deal

Though Westbrook no longer fits the timeline of their young core, the proposed blockbuster deal would still make sense for the Cavaliers. Aside from obtaining financial flexibility in the summer of 2023 and acquiring a future first-rounder, Quach believes that the arrival of Westbrook could fill the Cavaliers’ need for another playmaker and ball-handler next season.

“With Collin Sexton injured and Caris LeVert failing to find his niche in the Land, Russell Westbrook might be a great candidate to elevate the Cavs’ ceiling,” Quach said. “Russ has plenty of faults, but most of them would be negated with the Cavs. They have plenty of outside shooting to clear the paint for him. They have athletic bigs that can screen and roll hard to the rim for lobs and dump-offs from Westbrook going downhill. And most importantly, they have stout defenders all over the roster that can make up for his lapses in attention.”

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