Myth debunked: Do you really “sweat” fat after a workout?

Calories are burned during sweat-filled activities but sweating is not an indicator of that, say experts.

Sweating is not a parameter to decide if the workout is helping you to lose weight.

Everybody has its own way of sweating.

Sweating is guided by genetics, environment, age, fitness and weight. There is no specific link between sweating and weight loss.

Experts say sweating means your body responded to the workout after the temperature elevated and found a way to cool down. Sweating buckets does not mean you have sweated out fat.

It is not the exercise that has caused sweating, it is the elevated body temperature that has caused it.

According to a research, 90 minutes of hot yoga session can burn about 330 calories in women, and 460 in men. While this is because of the exercise, not the sweating a similar result can be obtained by brisk walking alone.

So, instead of pushing yourself to heavy workouts, you need to adopt a moderate lifestyle to bring weight in control.

If this was true, the summer season would have been the answer to every weight gain issue.

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