Morning vs evening: When should I work out?

Committing to working out is not as easy as it sounds. As such, starting and sticking with a routine is important it thus goals must be set as well as how to attain them. 
Lydia Kaitesi, a fitness coach, says when one does not have an end goal, waking up early or staying up late for a run or a few squats may not happen. That said, while some people prefer to work out in the morning, others desire to do it in the evening. But what time is the best?

Attaining a fitness level
Achieving your fitness goal will take some time. Nonetheless, as you tick off your goals, one at a time, you will feel good and willingly put in the time. Daisy Nante, a fitness enthusiast, says she found it more rewarding to work out in the morning. 

“Waking up with a well laid out schedule that starts with exercising is ideal for me. That way, I often meet my fitness goals better than when I try exercising after work. In the evening, it is easy to get disrupted by outings and running home to spend time with your family,”  she says. 
Kaitesi says ultimately, understanding the time block when you will best be committed is important.
Stepping out of the bed and hitting the treadmill is something John Bissaso will never do after suffering a muscle spasm that left him in lots of pain for the better part of the morning. 

“I am thankful that I am aware of the benefits of exercising, otherwise, that would have been the day I threw in the towel. With that experience, I opted to try evening hours and I am not regretting it,” he shares.
Brian Musasizi, a fitness trainer, says the body temperature is high between 4pm and 5pm, which is ideal for muscle warming. 
“When the body is warmer, which is usually in the afternoon or evening, you can indulge in high-intensity exercises. This also includes stamina and strength training workouts. However, these are difficult to do or will yield lower results when done in the morning owing to very low muscle temperatures,” he says.
After a long day’s work, making time for the children and other responsibilities, Adrian Obonyo finds it difficult to exercise. 
“By the time I reach home, I am so tired and all I want to do is take a shower, eat something and head to bed. This is why I prefer to start my day with exercise because there is more motivation and energy in the morning than in the evening,” he shares.

Kaitesi says if exercising is not a regular part of your life, then many excuses will come up.
“While Obonyo ties it to being exhausted which may hold water because you cannot work out when you can barely raise a finger, some people simply make excuses. For instance, whether morning or evening, the decision is usually driven by the schedule rather than preference or convenience. 
Therefore, the idea of waiting for the ideal time may not work but rather align your workout time with your schedule and obligations so that it is not totally kicked out. For example, one who works out late may do so to get rid of the day’s stress, which would deter sleep. On the other hand, those that work out early may do so because they wake up early to say, prepare children for school and also desire the energy that working out produces for them. Therefore, let your schedule motivate how you schedule your workout time rather than convenience,” she advises.
While some love to exercise in solitude, Mark Mujulizi loves company because it drives him to do more. 
“Exercising companions help me stick to my resolution of exercising at least thrice a week. The best time to get a partner is in the evening when many have left work,” he shares. Musasizi adds that many people go to the gym because there is company. 

“Many will prefer to work out in the evening because they are assured of a group of people that they can work out with. These may go to the gym or even a local football pitch to work out or play football respectively. For instance, there are various indoor football pitches that several men go to in the evening and it serves as a networking as well as an exercising place,” he shares.
Importantly, the person exercising should set the time of day that is ideal for them because consistency is important.

The motive for exercising varies from person to person, with some just desiring to lose weight or join a marathon. That said, the time of day you choose may also determine a lot regarding the results. While morning workouts help some people make better use of their mornings and fall into a non-premeditated routine, evenings may make others sleep better since exercising reduces stress. The exercise type also matters as you make the choice as well as where you will exercise from. The bottom line is to make time for regular exercise.

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