MarJon Beauchamp almost quit basketball. Now, he’s G League Ignite’s best player

Numerous times throughout the day, while training with former NBA players or just relaxing at his luxury apartment in Walnut Creek, MarJon Beauchamp struggles to reconcile his current reality with where he was six months ago.

“All the time,” Beauchamp said, “I thank God just to be in this situation.”

In March, Beauchamp — a 6-foot-7, 204-pound small forward considered a consensus top-60 recruit in the 2020 high school class — almost quit basketball. Now, he is establishing himself as the best player on a team with several projected first-round draft picks.

Beauchamp’s combination of size, athleticism, scoring instincts and ballhandling ability has generated considerable buzz at NBA G League Ignite practices — quite a feat given that he didn’t arrive with near the hype of teammates Jaden Hardy, Michael Foster, Scoot Henderson and Dyson Daniels. Ignite head coach Jason Hart predicted that Beauchamp will be “the surprise of the whole G League.”

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