Man v Fat Challenge looking for men from East Sussex to sign up

MEN looking to get fit are being urged to join a competitive weight loss programme.

The Man v Fat Challenge sees men join a local team, take part in weekly challenges and weigh in remotely online.

The home-based programme is looking for men from East Sussex to take part in the healthy living scheme.

Participants take on other teams around the UK in weekly challenges, earning points for weight loss, health improvements, best entries and reaching milestones.

The weekly challenges are based on the core areas of nutrition, exercise and building healthy habits, with weekly progress reports and regular newsletters to inspire participants.

Man v Fat Challenge leader Ben Middleton said: “Male obesity is still something of a taboo topic even though two out of three UK males are overweight or obese,” he said.

“Man v Fat Challenge provides the support we all need. You get to check in with your teammates and cheer each other on, support each other to lose weight week after week and you can try fun new forms of exercise and challenge yourself in the kitchen so that weight loss never becomes a chore.

“We have shown that the programme can build healthy habits for life without you feeling that you’re missing out on anything.”

The Argus: Competitive weight loss challenge Man v Fat is looking for men from East Sussex Competitive weight loss challenge Man v Fat is looking for men from East Sussex

Participants create a meal from scratch around a specific theme, with each team’s best dish put forward to earn bonus points.

They also take part in an exercise challenge and receive points for filling in their scorecard.

Primarily focussed on football, Man v Fat has helped me across the UK lose more than 300,000lbs so far.

The challenge was initially created as a response to men not being able to play football during lockdown.

During the first Covid-19 lockdown, 100 men lost 1000kg of weight through the online challenges.

All the groups are guided and supported by a fitness coach, while participants will also have access to exclusive resources including recipes, case studies and interactive webinars.

Participants also get access to the Man v Fat community Facebook group where they can see weekly live talks with experts, mental health support and The Other Room Virtual Gym, where they can take part in online training programs.

For more information or to sign up, please email [email protected] or visit

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