Luton schoolboy shines at the World Irish Dance Championships

A Luton youngster is “overjoyed” after achieving fifth place in the World Irish Dance Championships

Cillian McGoldrick, aged 10, won the fifth place in the Boys Under 11 at the An Chomhdháil World Irish Dance Championships 2021 last week.

The schoolboy has been dancing and practising hard for five years with the The Tiersha Academy at St Joseph’s Parish Hall, Luton. He attends two to three classes a week, each of two and a half or three hours but leading up to the World Championships he upped training to four classes plus additional practising at home, including lots of strength, stretching and flexibility exercises.

Cillian with grandparents

Cillian says he’s made a lot of friends at The Tiersha Academy including many other boys who dance there.

He said jokingly: “My dance teacher Aisling shouts a lot, but I’m used to her now.”

The World Championships took place at the prestigious INEC Gleneagle Arena, Killarney, Co Kerry in Ireland, where Cillian faced huge competition in his age group. He wowed the judges with a reel, a heavy jig and set dance, winning a huge globe trophy.

“I am overjoyed to win fifth in the world. My mum and dad are so, so proud of me and delighted that all my hard work has paid off. All my grandparents came to the competition which was extra special. They said lots of Novenas and prayers the night before and they were all crying when I got my results.”

Cillian with his parents and grandparents

Cillian’s younger brother and sister are also talented dancers who are practising hard to become champions of the future.

When he’s not dancing, Cillian finds time to play football, Gaelic and golf, but with the next World Championships in April 2022 and a feis (arts and culture festival) within a month, he’s not going to be easing off for long before getting back into training for his next competition.

Cillian with his trophy

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