‘Lost Quite a Bit of Weight’ Due to Her Health says Lexi Reed

Lexi Reed is an American Instagram influencer, media face, and entrepreneur. She became famous in the country after she lost almost 312 pounds in just 2 years with regular workout and diet plans. She also shares her weight loss journey through her social media handles.

Lexi Reed’s Instagram postings about going to the gym, eating well, and sharing her weight reduction progress are typical of a weight loss influencer. So it was “bittersweet” when she revealed on Sunday that she had lost weight, but solely as a result of her persistent health issues.

She wrote, “Finished my first round of IV treatments this week for calcinosis. The calcium buildup doesn’t seem to have changed either way and im still experiencing pain plus discoloration/bruising on my thighs, back, and stomach.”

“We’re trying to stay ahead of this condition so next week I’m going to see another specialist for a second opinion and to find out if there are any other forms of treatment. I know instagram looks alot different for me lately but I’m still fighting for my health daily just in other ways. Please continue to pray for me even if I’m silent as I navigate through all of this. Love you all.”


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