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One of the most important factors to focus on when trying to accomplish your fitness goal is make sure you’re exercising with proper form.

Visit any “gym” and you’ll see a lot of common mistakes, especially when lifting weights.

Lifting weights with “bad” form can not only can limit your progress, but increase your chances of getting injured, especially when you’re over the age of 50.

There are many reasons why the “well- intentioned” fitness enthusiast will perform various exercises incorrectly.

 The #1 reason we tend to use “bad” form is the weight  being lifted is too heavy. Lifting a weight that is beyond your strength levels can cause you to compensate and use muscles that shouldn’t be involved in the given movement or exercise.

Sometimes, improper form happens because of weak and tight muscles that cause compensation and of course, can lead to injury. An experienced trainer or therapist will be able to figure out what muscles need to be strengthened and stretched to fix the problem.

And, last but not least, sometimes we just don’t know how to perform the chosen exercise. Lifting weights correctly takes practice and of course, that’s where a good trainer becomes of value.

Take a look at the below videos to learn how to perform some of your common exercises.

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