Kilted Coaches will help Scots swap the gym for the outdoors in new fitness book

Kilted Coaches will help Scots swap the gym for the outdoors in new fitness book

A pair of topless Scots fitness coaches known for their epic workout videos wearing nothing but kilts in stunning Scottish scenery are set to release an exciting new book.

Stephen Clarke, 38, and Rab Shields, 37, known as the Kilted Coaches, aim to show that you don’t need to be a gym fanatic to be healthy and happy with their fun workout videos and that’s the ethos they’ll be carrying through with the new project.

The Perth-based online fitness gurus, who count Joanna Lumley as one of their biggest fans, say the book, which is entitled ‘The Kilted Coaches: How to stick to the damn plan’ will be published in October.

Speaking about the new project, Stephen explained that as their message reached more and more people online (they’ve had nearly 6 million YouTube views) it was the ideal time to write a book together.

The cover of the exciting new book
The cover of the exciting new book

He said: “All of our videos are geared around a light-hearted message – a relaxed philosophy for serious results.

“With the fitness industry taking itself far too seriously at the moment, people are making themselves unhappy trying to reach what they see as the pinnacle of perfect fitness and health – which they are just not going to achieve, so we want to humanise the whole process.

“That’s the main message of the book, trying to humanise the pursuit of personal development.”

Distilling their many years of expertise as life coaches and personal trainers into book form, the duo say they are hoping it will help people get out of their own heads, and, counterintuitively, also out of the gym.

They added that it will show how people can have their cake and eat it too, attainting the perfect balance of health and happiness in the process.

And they say there’s no fancy kit needed to achieve it; after all, “who needs a gym when you’ve got Scotland?”.

The pair have a down to earth philosophy when it comes to health and happiness
The pair have a down to earth philosophy when it comes to health and happiness

The book is an extension of their original philosophy; that each individual can achieve their goals if they “stick to the damn plan” on a daily basis in ways that work for them.

Joking that they are proud of the wee ‘warning strong language’ sticker in the corner of the cover, Rab explained that they wanted to keep the book casual.

He said: “What we’ve done is to deliberately have short chapters that you can pick up and read in about five to ten minutes but really get a strong message that you can then apply to your life.

“We’ve tried not to make it too heavy, it’s not a book that will take you months to read – but it is one you will want to keep reading.

“It really is a cross between a coffee table book and personal development guide, and the language that we use it in is such that anyone reading it, will feel like they are in the pub or down the local cafe and they are just getting some good advice from their friends.

“We are very excited to finally see it on the shelves.”

Stephen and Rab are hoping to change people's lives for the better
Stephen and Rab are hoping to change people’s lives for the better

Don’t worry, those who simply enjoy the visuals the Kilted Coaches are known for will also be happy, as there are plenty of photos, with Stephen confirming they did all of their own photography.

He joked: “And of course the book is filled with images from around Scotland and two twangers in kilts posing too.”

Rab added: “Yes, the visuals are there, us in the kilts – tops off – all the fun stuff, but the messages in the book will also be meaningful and helpful for most people. “

Every piece of advice is down to earth and framed to fit around everyday realities: around work, childcare, and off days.

They are hoping to hold a book launch in Perth Waterstones on the third week of October – which they’ll also be streaming online for their audience around the world that can’t make it in person.

So, what’s next for the guys? Well, they’ve already started on another thrilling project.

“Although the book’s not even out yet, we are currently filming for our TV show which is set to launch in January,” confirmed Rab.

Watch this space.

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