Josh Peck Shares Tabata Workout Which Has Helped Him In 7 Stone Weight Loss Journey

Josh Peck has shared the Tabata-style workout he uses to build muscle – and it looks pretty intense:

The star graced our screens as one-half of the dynamic Nickelodeon duo Drake and Josh.

Now, in a recent interview with Men’s Health, Peck is offering an insight into his workout routine.

Relatable as ever, Peck says before offering some workout tips: “I was an active kid, I enjoyed playing sports, I just wasn’t very good at them.”

Shout out to all the kids on the bench during sports day.

“So when I eventually lost 100 pounds, that journey was very specific to me, because I had to learn how to do one push up, or one pull up like I had no baseline fitness,” he continued.

Josh Peck talks about his Tabata-style workout. Credit: Men's Health/YouTube
Josh Peck talks about his Tabata-style workout. Credit: Men’s Health/YouTube

While the star was initially into cross-fit and bench pressing, he ‘tore his peck’, yep Peck tore his peck, and decided to ‘chill out’ on his regime.

“Now I’m in my 30s I’m into more of a Tabata approach.”

A Tabata-style workout is where you train for 20-seconds and rest for 10 seconds.

So, what type of exercises is Peck doing?

“The things I’ve tried to embrace are the suckier movements, like push-ups, pull-ups.”

We’d rather not do either, but they seem to be working for Peck, and his pecks.

“I try to do for legs, air squats. I try to do self-sustaining workouts and as warm-ups go I love hitting the heavy bag.”

Cut to Peck boxing and explaining that he warms up by doing about six rounds, for three minutes apiece.

Peck's fitness routine includes a range of weight training. Credit: YouTube/Men's Health
Peck’s fitness routine includes a range of weight training. Credit: YouTube/Men’s Health

While we would also rather not do this part, we would be open to playing the Rocky sound track and staring at a punchbag.

From here on out, Peck’s training amps up, and if this is a chilled-out version of his earlier workouts, we don’t want to know what he was doing before.

His weightlifting exercises include a kettlebell clean, compound lifts, and a military press for good measure.

“Yeah, I mean like all of these workouts that I have grown to love, even something as simple as a push-up, because I had to earn it, I just naturally wasn’t capable of doing it the way most young guys are able to knock out 20-30 push-ups without thinking.

“I think of them as like a standard in my workout, because I never want to get rusty or let them go.”

And judging by how determined Peck looks, he’s not going to either.

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