John Paulson and Alina de Almeida spotted on Italian getaway

Billionaire John Paulson has whisked his much-younger girlfriend to the romantic shores of Lake Como, Italy, just days after filing for divorce from his wife Jenny, Page Six can exclusively reveal.

The hedge funder, 65, was spotted with new girlfriend Alina de Almeida, 33, at a fancy wedding at the picturesque Italian lake.

Witnesses said the couple jetted to the wedding of Blackstone exec Mark Mofatt and British beauty Sarah Mintz at romantic 16th-century Villa d’Este on Sept. 25.

Page Six exclusively revealed that Paulson — estimated to be worth at least $4.7 billion — had filed for divorce from his wife of 21 years on Sept. 20. The couple has no prenup, setting the stage for an epic divorce battle.

But onlookers at the wedding, held just five days after Paulson’s divorce filing, said the infamous investor didn’t seem to have a care in the world.

One said, “He and Alina were inseparable, they were at each others’ sides and canoodled all day and night.” The source added, “They partied and ate and drank all weekend.”

The wedding Paulson and De Almeida attended.
The wedding Paulson and De Almeida attended.

Page Six exclusively revealed Paulson, who famously made $20 billion betting against the housing market before the 2008 crash, was dating Instagram diet guru de Almeida after he filed for divorce from Jenny, 50, with whom he has two daughters.

Sources told us the pair met this summer via friends, and that she’d moved in with him at his swanky Fifth Avenue apartment.

One source said, “John does have a new, much younger girlfriend and while it is still early days, the relationship is blossoming. They are very happy.”

Alina De Almeida.
Alina De Almeida.

De Almeida is a certified registered dietician and expert in weight-loss counseling, and runs Effective Lifestyle, which also has an Instagram feed featuring her in skimpy workout gear and offering nutrition tips.

The Post went on to reveal that prior to the divorce, Paulson even took the step of having his new girlfriend at the same gala at which he was honored, while he was seated with his wife the week before he filed for divorce.

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