Jessika Power’s cosmetic surgery transformation: A look at her candid journey



Following her stint on MAFS, Jessica dabbled a bit more in the world of cosmetic enhancements.

She underwent an autologous fat transfer – a $16,000 procedure where fat cells were removed from her “problem areas” and redeposited into her breasts, transforming them from a B-cup to a D-cup.

“I put some weight on during MAFS and after eating healthy and exercising, I had a bit of weight loss. Also with my break-up with Dan (Webb, from MAFS) there was a lot of stress there as well,” the star revealed to New Idea at the time.



“I chose the fat from the underside of my thighs. I had this little pocket of fat, I don’t know what it is, no matter how much dieting I do, no matter how much exercise I do, I just couldn’t get rid of it.”

The 29-year-old has also had Botox injected into her jaw and forehead, as well as cheek fillers, tear trough fillers, smile line fillers, 20 porcelain veneers and “a little bit of sneaky wrinkle relaxer”.

Apparently, her famous pout was achieved by dissolving all her old “botched” filler and re-injecting her lips with more.


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According to a report by the Daily Telegraph in March 2020, Jessika has spent more than $60,000 on cosmetic surgery.

And although some naysayers continue to call out Jess’ cosmetic efforts, no amount of negativity irks the reality star.

“People don’t like my lips and I’ve heard it for about two years now and have I changed them or given a c**p about their opinion? No, so it confuses me why they keep wasting their goddamn time commenting lol,” she wrote on Instagram last year in response to friend and Bachelor star Rachael Arahill.

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