Jennifer Garner Looks Incredibly Toned As She Crushes a Box Jump Workout in New TikTok Video

Photo credit: Frazer Harrison - Getty Images

Photo credit: Frazer Harrison – Getty Images

Jennifer Garner has a way of making even tough workouts look fun, and her latest TikTok workout is no exception. The video features the 50-year-old actress doing a series of box jumps alongside trainer Beth Nicely of The Limit. And despite how tough box jump workouts are, it looks like the two are actually having a pretty good time, all things considered.

The video kicks off with Garner and Beth clapping before moving into some complicated footwork-slash-choreography while jumping onto and off their boxes.

At the end, Garner walks away, clearly wiped (fair), while Beth laughs, claps, and says, “that was so fast!” Fans showed their respect in the comments. “Wow! 🥰 Are you reversing your age now, 50 going on 13?!? 🥰 You are rocking it out!” one wrote.

Garner doesn’t screw around when it comes to her fitness goals, and it shows. When she’s not owning box jump workouts, she’s often doing dance-based exercises with Nicely. “I consider her a professional athlete in what she’s capable of physically,” Nicely told Shape. “We both love to dance, we both love to work hard, I think it’s a good combination.”

Nicely said that a go-to workout for Garner usually includes a solid warm-up, followed by dances to get her heart rate up. “We might do two to four dances and then I’ll usually take her through a plyometric box series,” she said.

They’ll typically follow the box series up with some strength training before heading back to a box workout. They also do something Nicely calls “the Circuit” which is designed to max Garner out. It features three exercises—eight box jumps, 40 jump rope reps, and 16 leaps over a mini trampoline while holding a 10-pound medicine ball, per Shape.

The goal, Nicely said, is to do five rounds in under three minutes. Garner eats well, too—she’s worked with nutritionist Kelly LeVeque, of the “Be Well by Kelly Diet,” according to Delish.

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