It’s been a transformative off-season for West Feliciana football | East Feliciana

If you ask anyone from the West Feliciana High School football program to describe their offseason thus far, you are likely to hear the word “growth” quite a bit.

Head coach Hudson Fuller has been committed to building up the school’s football program since arriving nearly two years ago, and the coach feels that this offseason has seen a great amount of progress.

The team has been back at work since January, training under the tutelage of its new strength and conditioning coach, who Fuller praised. “Coach Ryan Ojeda has a wealth of knowledge and experience that is unparalleled. He has brought our program to another level,” he said.

In terms of the players themselves, Fuller said, “It has been incredible to watch the transformation of so many players in our program over the last several months.”

The coach also said the growth he’s seen thus far is just the beginning. According to Fuller, the players are going to continue working hard this summer, whether that be in the weight room, on the track, or anywhere else.

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However, this offseason has not simply been about improving the strength and speed of his players.

“Our coaching staff works tirelessly to make our program about more than just developing football players,” Fuller said. “We judge the success of our program by what our players go on to do after graduation.”

For both him and the rest of his coaching staff, it’s important that their actions match their words, and they have lived up to that standard this offseason. The team has had a bevy of guest speakers join them for “weekly character talks.” According to Fuller, these speakers have talked to the team about a multitude of subjects, including financial literacy, nutrition, drugs and mental health. The team also hosted 25 colleges during the spring evaluation period and many players will be going on college visits throughout the summer. The team also attended the Nicholls State spring practice earlier this year, gaining the invaluable experience of witnessing a Division I college football program operate firsthand.

Finally, perhaps as integral to the program as the players on the field is the community that constantly shows them support. According to Fuller, the community was able to assist the school system this offseason in providing meals and snacks to the players after each of their workouts. The coach wants his players to reciprocate the love they receive from their community, and highlighted their yearly service project as an important piece of that. The team serves the West Feliciana Council on Aging on an annual basis, hoping to give a little back to the community. Players are volunteering this week, serving the COA from 10:30 a.m. to noon on Monday through Thursday.

Needless to say, Fuller and his team are making the most of their offseason thus far, and they are more than ready to take on the dog days of summer that await them in the coming months.

Joel Robinson covers sports for The Democrat and The Watchman. To share tips about area sports news, email [email protected]

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