Is paying for an F45 membership at Ping worth it?

F45 Training is a fitness company with a series of fitness centers located around the U.S. At Ping Recreation Center, F45 offers their classes to Ohio University students.

Different from the other free group fitness classes that Ping offers, F45 classes are a mix of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), circuit training and functional training. Exercises in these classes focus on the entire body as well as different muscle groups. F45 classes are also available every day on the fitness schedule at Ping, as opposed to only being a couple of times a week.

Every F45 class is different and is divided into four categories. These categories include cardio, resistance, hybrid and recovery. F45 has up to 35 different classes that fall into each of these categories. 

F45 Training was first introduced to OU last semester with free classes for students to determine if it would be successful.

Now, attending an F45 Training class requires a membership. If you are an OU student and want to try one of these classes to see if you would be interested, a day pass is $8. Student rates continue at $20 for a monthly membership and $50 for a semester-long membership. The more classes you go to, the more bang for your buck. Non-student rates can be found here

The F45 class I attended was a cardio workout called Firestorm. I purchased the day pass to see what the class would entail.

Upon entering the studio, there were several TV screens in the front showing a variety of exercises and different equipment set up around the room.

Firestorm is made up of 27 stations. At each station, you perform a certain exercise, some involving equipment and some not. You are at each station for 30 seconds with a 10-second break in between each one.

Some of these stations include Battle Ropes, rowing and abdominal exercises.

The screens in the front show you how to do each exercise and when it is time to rotate stations. After one round of going through all of the stations, there is a brief water break and then you do it all over again.

While 30 seconds of one exercise sounds quick, it certainly doesn’t feel that way. By the time the second round started, I was exhausted. 

The F45 instructor offers a lot of support as well as a great playlist to keep you motivated during your workout. 

When the 45 minutes were up, I was ready to lie down for the rest of the day. These classes are no joke. 

Even though the class was cardio based, it still worked different muscle groups like the core and legs. 

Now the question is: is it something worth paying for?

I believe that the classes are worth paying for if you are serious about fitness and working out. These classes push you really hard to achieve your personal best, which can sometimes be difficult when you are working out alone.

I think that all group fitness is beneficial, but especially when it comes to these classes. The fast pace and intensity of the workouts encourage you to work as hard as you can. 

Another thing that is great about the F45 program is the variety. 

Not only is there a large variety of classes offered, but there is also a variety of workouts within the classes themselves. I personally can get very bored and unmotivated when I fall into the same workout routine day after day. Having variety in your workouts can help you stay motivated and can also be more beneficial when working out the entire body.

It is also more worthwhile to get an F45 membership at OU rather than another F45 studio. F45 memberships can be up to hundreds of dollars for just one month. But at OU, you can get a semester-long membership for just $50.

Also, paying for a membership can help motivate you to go to the gym. You don’t want to feel like you’re wasting money, which naturally leads to going to Ping more, and getting your money’s worth of the classes.

Overall, F45 is a great way to get active and have fun while doing it. If you are looking to register for a class, click the link here to learn more.


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